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Memorable and catchy tech death. - 79%

DrummingEdge133, January 25th, 2008

Dominion released quite an album in Born God and Aware. I had acquired this album awhile ago along with many others, but just recently did I get around to listening to it, and I have to say I was quite impressed. What shocked me is that this album seems to have garnered little attention despite the fact that it's a good album from a popular metal location; Sweden.

Naturally as Dominion is labeled technical death metal, this album is indeed technical. The album opens up with "The Endless", which is a great song to open up with; this song is very lively and has a very nice repeating and catchy riff. About half way through "The Endless" it goes into a repeating riff with a solo laced underneath which sounds excellent. The second song, "Appreciate to Mutilate", has a few unique solo sounding guitar riffs that flow very nicely into each other, certainly a strong song instrumentally that most death metal fans will enjoy. The third song, "Demonstration of Domination", has very distinct riffs that fly over all other aspects of the song, the drumming throughout "Born God and Aware" tends to match nicely with the guitar work, however, the emphasis certainly was not focused on the drums or the bass. "Legion Dominion" is quite possibly my favorite song on this album, the guitar work is very distinct and has a short little riff that is repeated throughout the song and sounds great. This short riff really sets the tone of the whole song to me. "Born God and Aware" is also a great song, it starts out sluggish and gritty, then stops and quickly starts back into a fast aggressive speed and feel and stays like that throughout. “Temple of Insects” has a similar feel as the rest of the album and that is fast paced drumming and riffs with one short repeating riff that acts as the refrain. The guitar work that Dominion has done for this album certainly is the highlight; they have a very distinct style of playing, which you start to notice after a couple songs go by. You can track the progress of the songs easily by the guitars as they tend to have one short distinct riff they repeat throughout each song at certain points. The album closes with the song “Elite” which is the longest song on this album. This song has more of a progressive tinge to it at the beginning, utilizing a slower gritty pace for a short time, and then about one minute in, speeding up and this is repeated throughout the song, going from the slow gritty style to a faster more frantic pace. Additionally, there are many times during Born God and Aware it sounds as if there are two vocalists layered on top of each other, which gives the vocals a unique touch.

Overall, Born God and Aware was well executed with great guitar work. The riffs generally are very memorable and catchy, sticking with the listener long after the album has finished, a rare quality in technical death metal. I can certainly recommend this album to any and all technical death metal fans, as it is one of the better releases out there to be found in said genre.

Edit: Partially rewritten and updated.