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Domination Through Impurity - Essence of Brutality

Essence of supremacy! - 98%

ad, August 17th, 2005

Domination through impurity is a relatively unknown Brutal Death Metal act coming from the east coast of US, containing members from bands like: Lust of Decay, Scapegoat and Lecherous Nocturne. Therefore this release hasn’t gained much attention yet, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the album isn’t good. Jordan Varela and Nile tour bassist, Joe Payne, created the band recently, and this magnificent album was released during the spring 2005.

Now over to the music: Domination through Impurity has definitely achieved their intentions with this record: to create a technical, brutal and majestic kind of death metal, but not completely forget the groove. The vocals are deep as hell with long growls and demon like sounds, thus perfect for brutal death metal. The vocalist, Joe Payne does also handle the guitars, which he does amazingly. When I first heard this album, I was astonished by the unbelievable technique performed by this two individuals, and especially the guitars wont be forgot in the nearest future. If you have heard Necrophagist, you wont have a huge problem imagining the guitar playing, because there are similarities between these two bands. Despite the influence from the German death metallers, it wouldn’t be fair to claim that DTI don’t have their own style, because their mixture of technicality and groove is unique.

Jordan Varela will be a name more recognizable in the future, considering his fabulous competence behind the drum kit. His supreme blast-beating, rolling and double bass work makes him a sufficient drummer in my and hopefully also other’s eyes. On the beginning of the title track, he almost kills his drum kit with his insane technique, a case that is seen other places on the album as well. His best appearance is found on the song named “self destructive malevolence” which starts out with an incredibly short, but fast double bass drum work before the blast beat occurs with several cymbal crunches. There is also a fantastic break in the song where the guitar appears with a slow riff, companied by the over mentioned drum rolls.

To create a complete review, we also need an ending, and here I also have a little complaint. The songs on “Essence of brutality” are all outrageous, but sometimes you can get a bit tired, not because the album is too short, on the contrary it could have perfectly have been a bit longer, but because the production apparently makes my ears tired. This is of course just a tiny aspect of the genuine record, and it doesn’t ruin my listening experience at all. Awesome album from an awesome band with superior skills! Buy this record, or a rat will be beat you to death!
Highlights: “In rat we trust”, Self destructive malevolence” and “Wahnsinn”.