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Slick 80's rock with metal edge - 65%

HangThePope, September 23rd, 2006

Alas poor Dokken, for they know not what they could have been. Dokken had most of the credentials to be a classic metal band. Riffs. Good singer. Very good guitarist. Memorable songs. One thing they lacked tho. Testicles. Laments and odes to women proved to be their undoing and relegated them to the LA chick band territory.

There's only 2 pure metal numbers here that are scorching and showed if they'd wanted to show they had guts, they could have shocked the world. The rest isn't exactly Tom Petty either tho and is ear candy for anyone who's a sucker for catchy 80's melodies and riffs, and let's face it who isn't? In this age of recording temper tantrums with downtune riffs played by lobotomised wiggers.

Although Dokken were an LA band by definition, they never had to resort to the stupid, crotch level themes of Poison and Warrant. Dokken's odes to love are easier to withstand or ignore for any metalhead and if you can, the prize is some good 80's riffs to enjoy which cover most of the songs here, along with some blazing guitarwork from George Lynch all wrapped up in a nice, slick production.

The 2 main highlights on here are vintage 80's METAL and show cues from a certain hell bent for leather band. "Lightning Strikes Again" has a total bulldozer of a riffset and great melody and shrieks from Don. "Till the Livin' end" is a speed metal trailblazer with a shredding solo from the Lynchmeister and again screams "bang em till they bleed". Maybe the reasons why they were on the famous "Turbo" tour with Priest.

"Slippin' Away" and "Jaded Heart" are the only tracks on here that need to be avoided like leprosy. Sickeningly soft whereas the other love themes here have riffs that are headbang worthy. Of the unmetal tracks "Unchain The Night" and "In My Dreams" are the most memorable.

When all is said and done it's a decent 80's album which makes you weep for the good ol' days.