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One of the Worst Dokken albums - 67%

PowerMetalGuardian, July 12th, 2004

Ever since George Lynch left Dokken, they have never been the same. Coming out with some really shitty releases, Dokken was willing to try anything to get back to the top. Up till even know that has not happened. Erase the Slate is another attempt to rise to the top. Notice how I said attempt. You see glam metal worked in the 80's because most bands were doing it, and therefore it worked. Glam releases in the 90's have failed, for the most part.

Erase the Slate isn't really a bad album. The songs are well structured, and most of the guitar riffs are pretty heavy, something Dokken has been messing around with thanks to George Lynch. But the guitarist isn't George Lynch. I am sure Reb Beach is a really good guitar player, and his solos prove that he is at least a some what talented guitar player. But in 75% of the riffs, you hear pinch harmonics scattered everywhere. Beach, don't try to be George Lynch, because that can never happen. They are trying to make Dokken look like it is still Dokken, but the band has changed.

Most bands, when they experience band members leaving, suffer and never make it to the top. This is the case for Dokken, but not totally. You see Mick Brown does an excellent job of drumming; keeping the rest of the band on time through some crazy tempo changes. Jeff Pilson also does a tremendous job, his shining moment occurs in the beginning of Voice of the Soul's bass intro. And lets not forget about the leader of the band Don Dokken. His voice is still up to par with all of the other Dokken albums. But because they try to make Beach sound like Lynch, this album fails.

Die hard Dokken fans might enjoy this album. I consider myself a fan, and appreciate this album some what. Dokken's vocal performance makes up for the rest of the crap on this album. Brown also does a good job doing lead vocals on an otherwise crappy song (Crazy Mary Goes Round). Also the cover of One is well done. Besides that, Erase the Slate, Shattered, and In Your Honor are the only worth while songs. It's sad when the best song, musical instrument wise, is the hidden one minute title track, aka another shining moment for Pilson. For die hard Dokken fans, not for everyone else.