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Phenomenal - 90%

DeathRiderDoom, May 21st, 2009

Dream Warriors – Single

This fantastic Dokken single has a title track which is among my absolute favourite – if not the favourite Dokken tracks of all time. Packaged with two other sure-fire winners – one being a long time part of their live set, the other sharing the same name as the newest to date album, you’ve got a winning combination certainly worth checking out.

First off ‘Dream Warriors’ is a single Dokken wrote for the fabulous 1987 franchise-film ‘Nightmare on Elm Street III: Dream Warriors’ – the latest instalment of a thoroughly enjoyable teen-centred 80’s horror franchise. Given that writing a track for release as a promo for a new commercial, one might think Dokken would simply write a throw-away track – no way. What the band does here is craft an excellent piece of power melody which equals anything they’ve release to this date. Overall the song is captivating, with touches of production and guitar effects adding to these qualities.

Starting off with some movie like production, with some typically ‘twangy’ George Lynch acoustic electric guitar, we are then kicked in the pants with a driving, tension building guitar riff that is made more effective by well mixed bass that compliments well. By the time the vocals of the first verse begin, I’m already sold, but Dokken continues the masterpiece by crafting-out some plot related, emotive lyrics that are just perfect, given the subject matter. His soaring voice is by the end of the first verse building incredible momentum that erupts in a high pitched title-lyric based chorus which dominates. The fact that the Dokken guys were given the subject matter to write about, but managed to craft such an excellent piece, which is still well within the realms of their traditional sound says something about their skill. I’m sure many songwriters (perhaps myself included) would have trouble writing such a heartfelt and convincing piece about a subject they were merely handed. You see what I’m getting at?

Anyway, the remainder of this single is a throwing in of two tracks which just happen to include a long-time favourite of mine, and long-time part of their live-set (also featuring as a standout track on the album ‘Back in the Streets’). ‘Paris is Burning’ is an early Dokken piece that is available in many versions – live and otherwise. It’s a strong number that contains the Dokken hallmarks, but was written perhaps before the band had truly defined its ‘sound’. Anyway, this cut is a thunderous affair with a heavy feel due to thumping feel in the intro (kick-heavy drums and an almost Accept-ish rumbling guitar). In true Dokken fashion though, this one has the emotive, effective, yet simple melodic chorus ‘Paris is burning, I can see it from afar” – just magical. Watch out for the awesome guitar riff Lynch writes for the chorus, also.

All-round a quality single. The movie theme-laden artwork is a sure fire plus too – and by the way, check out the video to the title track of this single which shows Dokken intermingling with characters from the film – great! The title track is a winner, and the inclusion of the other tracks a simple bonus. ‘Back for the Attack’ has some metal credentials, but it’s not a track I fell in love with like the two others. Dokken fans go after this one – also a good taste of the band for any newcomer to the band.