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Dokken's debut isn't there best, and this is why.. - 71%

PowerMetalGuardian, August 28th, 2004

Breaking the Chains, the first Dokken full-length, became and instant hit and launched the band to super stardom. But why? This album isn't even that great, and this is why. Dokken is known by most people as a cock rock band. People who really know Dokken, know them for their extreme heavy, yet glam, edge. Insane solos and a formula to real out instant hits. But looking at this album I can only instantly pick out two solid Dokken hits: Breaking the Chains and Paris is Burning (strangely the first and last songs of the album).

This album has only two good songs. There are a couple of other good songs which I will point out, but the rest of the album is pretty much worthless, and probably not even considered glam rock!!! Opening with Breaking the Chains is an excellent choice; awesome guitar parts and wonderful solo. A classic Dokken song nonetheless. In the Melody and Felony, the next two songs, are two good songs. What makes these songs cool is the heaviness of the riffs. Something Dokken capitalizes in. Donny's voice on the first three songs show us the powerhouse of this amazing vocalist. Dokken can hit the high notes just as easy as the low ones. The next three songs are not bad, but not worth much. Meaning there are no memorable parts, and the riffs are pretty much mediocre. Also you might notice that the sound isn't as heavy as before. It's almost carries a pop sound; and that's scary when thinking this is Dokken.

It just gets worse after that, Seven Thunders is to soft. Young Girls is a decent song, but the riffs again are mediocre for Dokken's style. Stick to Your Guns takes this "pop" idea and twists it to hell. The worse Dokken song? Yeah probably! The song is groovy; I want to snap my finger to the beat instead of banging my head. But then I guess things get better with Paris is Burning. The intro solo shows Dokken's true form, and that of guitarist George Lynch. Pinch harmonics lace the intro, something Lynch is most noted for. When the song continues in normal fashion the drum beat lights up the song, making it a catchy, enjoyable song.

For the most part the music is mediocre and not up to Dokken par, but its not terrible, or the worse thing ever recorded. In essence, is this album good? No, not really considering it is a Dokken album. Is it worth getting? Yes! You could simply get Breaking the Chains and Paris is Burning on a best of album. But missing the first three songs (the last two aren't hits) together is like missing a big part of Dokken history. Not the best album to start off with, but definitely a future must for Dokken fans.