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A solid debut, though they would get better. - 84%

IWP, January 30th, 2008

Dokken were one of the more underrated bands to come out of the hair metal scene. They were certainly more heavy than half of the bands, and just like Twisted Sister and early Motley Crue, they had riffs that would totally kill. That, and George Lynch has to be one of the greatest guiatrists ever. His solos are simply amazing to say the least. It's just too bad that this band never gets the credit that they deserve.

This leads to their debut album, Breaking The Chains. It's a rather interesting album. It's one of the first albums to come out when glam started to become mainstream, and compared to most of the bands at the time, especially Def Leppard, they were certainly fucking heavy as shit. This album is a good start for the band, but it doesn't compare to the stuff they would do on their later albums. The main reason being that Don Dokken's voice isn't as interesting sounding as it later be. Just like Ratt's singer, Don just sounds like he's just there, and nothing more. That, and the production isn't that great either, but it's decent for a 1983 album.

However, there still are some killer songs on here. My favorite songs on here would have to be Breaking The Chains, Seven Thunders, Nightriders, and Paris Is Burning. The formal two have some nice riffs, and are pretty catchy, and nice to sing along to. Then, the latter two tottaly kick your ass with some killer speed metal riffs. The drumming is pretty sweet too. They show that even though their a glam band, they still have balls, and they're not afraid to use them. Live To Rock is also a pretty nice spped metal song that has sort of a Judas Priest sound to it. However, there are two weak tracks on here. In The Middle is pretty lame, and Felony is decent, but lags a little, because of the production. Eh, at least it's catchy.

On thier debut, Dokken show that they can rock hard while making some nice catchy tunes. It's not as good as Tooth & Nail or Under Lock and Key, but it's still solid. Get this album, but get the two above mentioned albums first.