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Dog Snot / Skull Incision - Trifarious Assault

Trifarious Assault

Dog Snot / Skull Incision / What Makes a Time Bomb Tic

Well, Dog Snot are good - 35%

DomDomMCMG, March 16th, 2012

The split begins with a band called "What Makes A Time Bomb Tic", and to put it simply, they're not very good. Their songs mesh together and get boring very quickly, the guitar work is very mediocre and consists of some irritating squeals from the guitar that make your ears hurt. The vocals consist of dry forced death growls and raspy screams, as well as some laughably awful clean vocals. In the fourth track, Sharon Taint, a breakdown appears that seems to last forever. None of this terrible music is saved by the awful fuzzy production. This is just some strange combination of mathcore and deathcore, and it's really unpleasant to listen to.

However, it gets better for the Dog Snot part of this split. Dog Snot play a style of deathgrind very similar to that of Repulsion and Terrorizer, which the band themselves have affectionately dubbed "snotgrind". There is some great riffs occuring here, most notably on tracks 9 (Bus Cunt) and 13 (Boo Hoo Hoo, You're Not Getting Laid) as well as a couple of neat solos on a couple of the songs. The drums are a bit drowned out for the first couple of tracks, but they're clearer on the rest of the songs, with some nice blast beats coming through. The production is still terrible, but it doesn't harm it as much as it does for What Makes A Time Bomb Tic's songs, and has appeal for fans of very raw punky deathgrind.

Now we come to the third and final band on this split, Skull Incision. With a name like that you may be expecting brutal/slam death metal. Alas, no. What you get is some apalling post-hardcore. It starts with an intro simply titled "a", which consists of sounds of static and distorted voices. The pattern is followed with interludes "b", "c" and of course "d", which all consist of the same static and distortion. The production is far clearer for Skull Incision than it is for Dog Snot and What Makes A Time Bomb Tic, but the music is far worse. The vocals are almost cat like high screeching, and the guitars play some awful mathcore riffs. The drums are mainly fast patterns that don't fit with the rest of the music at all. To be honest, this is all done in a very similar fashion to See You Next Tuesday. If you've ever listened to See You Next Tuesday, for which I am sympathetic, then you know what to expect here, and that is atrocious music.

While Dog Snot's contributions to this split are pretty solid stuff, the other two bands are basically worthless. Download Dog Snot's tracks and avoid the rest.