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are you ready to ROCK?!? - 92%

dragons_secrets, February 18th, 2003

Yup, thats right boys and girls, this here's the self titled debut cd from Doctor Butcher. Obviously noted for being the side project of Jon Oliva (Savatage) and also featuring Savatage guitarist Chris Caffery, this album while it occasionally has its similarities to mid-period Savatage, all in all..this record is just more straight ahead heavy metal. That's correct, no heavy progressive overtones, or concepts....just songs with the baddest ass riffs you'll ever hear!! Some of the riffs on this album move your neck for you !! The music is usually pretty thrashy here but not usually speedy, overall I wouldn't consider this a thrash record, I'd consider it just a good ol heavy METAL album!!! Songs like 'The Chair ' and 'Season of the Witch' are real headbangers with plenty of kick, not to mention some great soloing courtesy of Mr. Caffery. And then you even have some atmosphere here with 'Lost In the Dark', a song that almost sounds like it could've been released on a certain Savatage record, 'Juice' which is the intro to 'The Chair' but it is very atmospheric and emotional although short, and 'The Altar' has its share of atmosphere too, but only at the beginning before it transforms into a heavy metal thrash-fest. The whole album is very worthwhile throughout. The only song that really isn't up to par is 'The Picture's Wild', I'm not sure why that song even made it on the album. As for the rest of the album we have the somewhat aggressive number with pretty humourous lyrics known as 'Reach Out and Torment Someone', and theres the equally humourous, aggressive, and vulgar 'Don't Talk to Me'. Then you have 'I Hate, You Hate, We All Hate' which is quite a thrashy song remininscent of heavy Savatage. And 'All For One, None For All' is a pretty good closer but falls short of being anything really special. Overall, this album is one of the best as far as flat out ballsy headbanging songs go!!! Yes, its heavy, Yes, it ROCKS!!! and Yes, you should own this if you're any self respecting metalhead!!!