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Great heavy metal from Yugoslavia - 85%

TheGreatTrendkiller, February 6th, 2009

Let me start off this review by saying that good heavy metal bands from the 80's were very hard to find in Yugoslavia. The bands were either rock or hard rock but very rarely heavy metal. This is from 1983, the year when thrash metal had in a way just started. The form which is now called Traditional heavy metal, back then was nothing special and were "mostly" ignored ( I say mostly because of Priest and Maiden ) and the hype went to thrash and speed metal.

But today it is 2009 and with all the -core and other generic metal genres it's VERY refreshing to hear a good slab of heavy metal from the 80s. This is Divlje Jagode's third LP and in my, and most people's opinion their best album. It starts off with the title track, Motori ( motorcycles ) which is probably the best track from the album, with a simple yet incredibly catchy chorus and a great solo. But this doesn't mean that the other songs are bad. In fact, the other songs are probably just as good as the first one, all of them packing easy to remember choruses and nice solos. There aren't many riffs in a song but they never become boring and keep the song going in a nice direction. There are two ballads in the album that are nothing really special but the emotional vocals help them not to be cheesy.

The production is great for the time and all of the instruments can be hear, including the bass which is identifiable. The guitars have a Priest-like sound to them and the drums are okay but do the job. The vocals are a special mention. Alen Islamović (who also plays bass) is a great singer and makes the songs much more special with his voice. He would later show his great vocals with rock band Bijelo Dugme. The lyrics are mostly about love but it doesn't really matter because it's the music that counts.

In the end, I would recommend this album to any fan of heavy metal who justs wants to hear some heavy metal that is great without being incredibly br00tal, fast and\or Satanic.

Best songs: Motori, Sampioni, Zagrizi Rock 'n Roll, Sejla, Dodirni Me