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4 of my favorite songs... - 100%

literamaniac91, February 8th, 2008

My only disappointment with this release is the difference in sound between this and old Divinity. They seem to be reaching for a more radio-friendly approach here...I guess after 7 years, they're really starting to hurt for a label...don't blame them, these songs still kick ass. But before anyone decides this is a sell-out record, allow me to set your mind at ease. This is Divinity Destroyed at their more melodic, catchy approach. Basically, with only 4 songs, not all the bases can be covered. There's some alternative-sounding melodies at play in "Threshold" and "Indigo" (can you say, rock radio hits?). But still, they are fine songs and operate for a slightly mellower vibe than the other two songs. The background lead in the outro to "Threshold" is also worthy of mention.

The title track deserves mention for good dual melodies and a decent solo, but also for the thrashy-sounding riff and tempo. Definitely a classic. And probably my favorite song on here.

And finally, the song "Forever and Never". This was their first promo song released to the public over a year ago on their MySpace and accompanied with music video. This song is SO AWESOME LIVE, but still packs a punch in the studio for the sweet-ass riffs and catchy chorus.

This is still very fine Divinity. Excellent riffing, sweet melodies, catchy, heavy yet accessible. The main difference is the lessened prominence of the keyboards, which is understandable considering keyboardist Mark Ward doing double duty as lead vocalist. If you haven't heard of this band yet, do my reviews move you not? Go get this! I'm serious, I'll still be here when you come back. Done? Good. Prepare for a highly enjoyable experience.

Stand-outs: All of it