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Quite interesting - 85%

mrdanteaguilar, June 25th, 2011

My guessing is that the only aspect that makes this album abominable and unlistenable for most metallers (true metallers) is how the vocalist sounds similar so Chester Bennington. Yes, I know who that is, that guy from Linkin Park. Wait a second, LINKIN PARK? No joke folks, BUT I can assure this guy sounds much better than the previous vocalist (he sounded like your regular metalcore vocalist crying all over the place) since the vocals sound like a combination between Meshuggah and Fear Factory (I guess Dino Cazares was the one in charge of looking for the band's vocalist) and at least that guy from that band I won't mention again knows how to sing properly without auto-tuning or sounding like a 12 year old. The guitar passages are anything but generic and plus, Tim Yeung knows how to blast the hell out of his drum kit perfectly, so this release is not as disappointing as you might expect.

Yes, the vocalist (Travis Neal) knows how to sing properly and his voice will be stuck inside your head. Of course, he's no Mike from Opeth or Vortex from Arcturus, but his voice still sounds pretty damn interesting when doing clean vocals. In fact, I'm starting to think Dino Cazares wanted him to sing ala Fear Factory, only that Burton Bell's voice was much deeper. Also, the screaming vocals, as I mentioned, show this Meshuggah-ish feeling; very aggressive, raw, and understandable, so I find Travis Neal quite metal-sounding. Songs like Anarchaos and Enemy Kill are perfect examples of his vocal power.

Guitars have a powerful modern metal tone. No, not deathcore-ish - this sounds actually HEAVY. Also Dino seems to show more guitar skills here than in FF, playing some sick guitar leads, catchy chugging parts, and a wicked melody throughout the album. Since 8-stringed guitars are being used, the tone is also very clean and you can clearly distinguish every single note they play. Most of the songs display huge amounts of energy and sound very refreshing. Facebreaker and Anarchaos are my favorite ones.

Now, where's the bass? WHERE'S THE BASS? Nowhere to be found. It's a shame because the album would've sounded much heavier if the bass sound was louder, but since the guitars are most of the time catchy and very aggressive, I don't think this is a fatal flaw. If you pay very close attention, you can hear it, but it's too dim.

Now let's get to the best part: the drums. Tim Yeung knows how to pull blast beats and double bass patterns, but at the same time his drumming sounds like some futuristic machine took over and started playing. Most of the drum passages sound almost robotic and very chaotic as well. Relentless double bass patterns are played repeatedly without sounding monotonous or boring. In fact, all the songs sound very unique. It is worth mentioning that this guy also plays drums for Morbid Angel, so you know what to expect.

In conclusion, I don't see why this album is so hated. Of course it's not the most true cult metal shit ever, but it's definitely worth listening to.