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The metal equivalent of room temperature tap water - 40%

GuardAwakening, October 3rd, 2016

I remember this band in high school, they were promoted in metal magazines I read through my youth and after giving their music a good listen (particularly this album), I never quite understood why they were so hyped at the time. Giving this album another thorough listen for the first time in several years to pick up on such a trivial now-irrelevant band I felt like something needed to be said about my past recollection so here I am to get through with that thought. Yes, I am bored tonight as it seems, so let's just get this over with.

Listening to the album you can't quite pinpoint why exactly this music is awful. I mean all the musicians on the album seem to be very competent and talented at what they do, yet the music they are playing is still inherently terrible. The problem with this band is they are without a doubt good at what they do, but what they are doing is in fact bad. In other words, the music on here is simply just bad because it's bad, not because they're playing it wrong. Divine Heresy is like a heavier Avenged Sevenfold in a sense.

Within the first song I was puzzled over the idea of what this band has going on. Technical death metal riffery combined with growled vocals and then begin these horrid sung vocals over the whole thing (perhaps this is to withdraw a wider audience for the kids in high school who are in wrestling class that consider Decapitated "too heavy"?). Listening to this album stylistically brings to mind the demograph of men aged 15 to 35 who drink Monster Energy, wear Tapout shirts and dip tobacco. The clean vocals seal that whole deal, they're horrible and make me think of Five Finger Death Punch and later All That Remains.

Guitars, drumming and bass all seem to be in a good zone. The riffs and drumming are all collectively kept at a level that work well with each other, and I even found some minor enjoyment in the melodic passage found in the track "Redefine". Everything is greatly played and executed how it should so no complaints there. However, the music itself just isn't good. I said it earlier and I said it again, the band is good at what they want to do, but the thing they want to do is bad; thus the band is bad. This band isn't and never was a big deal because they are the metal equivalent of room temperature tap water. Besides, if you want to waste your time listening to a genre like tech death, I'd personally recommend the very band this seems to try to want to be a more 'listenable' version of, which is Decapitated.