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Absolute garbage - 20%

MrVJ, September 5th, 2007

I'm sure the entire world knows about Divine Heresy now because of the large amount of advertising they've been getting all over MTV and the Internet. It was getting annoying after a while because the band was always labeled as “Dino Cazares's NEW band!!!”, almost having the intent of making sure that it's Dino's brainchild. As most of us know, Dino Cazares (Asesino, ex-Brujeria) is Fear Factory's old guitarist who was ousted because of “musical differences”. Well, it's quite obvious that he wanted to revert back to Fear Factory's old death metal days for some odd reason, and he has tried to take those thoughts to new heights with recruiting veteran death metal drummer Tim Yueng (ex-Decrepit Birth, Vital Remains, ex-Hate Eternal), bassist Joe Payne (ex-Lecherous Nocturne, ex-Nile, ex-Lust Of Decay), and up-and-comer vocalist Tommy Cummings (Vext). You've never heard of Tommy Cummings? Yeah, neither have I until now.

First thoughts after hearing a few tracks of this album? “Hey, the music is pretty awesome... wait a minute, who's this guy doing metalcore/hardcore vocals over death metal? Oh god... I hope it doesn't go like this throughout the entire album.” Well, guess what? It does for the entire album. This is not a very good start for Divine Heresy, although I'm sure some people would dig Tommy's clean and harsh vocals, but come on, this is supposed to be a death metal album, and while the death metal is there, it gets completely watered down when Tommy comes in with his portion. However, I will throw the guy a bone and say that his actual death metal screech is impressive. Other than that, he's quite wet behind the ears and shouldn't be in a death metal band. Sadly, Tommy isn't the only loose support beam in this band.

Each member playing an instrument is completely capable of creating some killer music and have been a part of bands that know how to make you snap your neck due to excessive headbanging, save for Mr. Tommy Cummings. Like I said, they are very capable of playing good music, but they just seem to fall short, always retreating into Dino's trademark galloping riffs, and let me tell you, after a while you get really sick of hearing that and constantly ask for something new. Let's not forget the ever so popular guitar solo in EVERY SINGLE song. These solos are simply there to try and grab your attention again because it has been lost within the first minute of each song, and after that solo you begin to realize that it's an entirely worthless effort on the bands part. Also, Tim, a little advice from yours truly: Stop trying so damn hard to sound like a drum-machine. Thank you.

All in all, this album is a complete flop. It's exactly what you'd expect from a desperate guitar player trying so hard to reach the top of the heavy metal mountain again, yet continuously slips and falls to his demise each and every time he tries to release the same crap over and over again. Hell, just reviewing this album was a huge chore, so now I'm going to go take some aspirin, listen to Demonical and pretend neither this band or album ever happened, and I suggest all of you do the same.