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Really quality sort-of-doomy death metal - 87%

caspian, October 27th, 2009

I don't really actively seek out death metal, but I do enjoy slow stuff, and anyone who likes their metal will quickly realise that the combination of crushing death metal riffs and slow tempos is probably one of the best things out there. It's a shame the whole "slow death metal" thing remains so obscure; the releases along these lines in the early 90's were of an incredible quality. Divine Eve may not have gravity blasts, but I'd take this over crap like FleshGod Apocalypse anyday.

The music played on this release is simple enough; dirty swedeath type riffs of the Entombed and Unleashed type and d-beat drumming of the hard hitting variety mixes with some truly slow and crushing doom sections. Bolt Thrower also seem to be quite the influence; there's certainly some of BT style melody in here (especially when things get a bit faster). Is it death/doom? Perhaps, but whereas most d/d generally goes for the epic structures and perhaps keeps things a bit more melodic, Divine Eve approach their music in a shorter and far more concise direction. The usage of slow, pounding riffs throughout (like in the excellent middle section of 'Harlequin of Perpetual Destiny') are less there for the purpose of making the songs more dynamic or grandiose, and more so your head can get crushed that little bit more; very much like the way Asphyx went about things on their "The Rack" album.

Not a great deal more needs to be said- it's a short EP, it's not very complex. When you get down to it, this is great slow death metal (or perhaps death metal with slow parts, as there's plenty of speedy moments). All the right things within this genre are done right; there's some brilliantly executed tempo changes, competent and passionate musicianship, and one hell of a production job that matches rawness, thickness (the guitar tones!) and clarity with disturbing ease. A really excellent release and it's a shame Divine Eve never really followed this up.

Unsung Texas DM With Doom Galore - 80%

brocashelm, April 21st, 2006

On one hand you could view this Texas band’s output as being as useful as the sonic output of a meeting of the USCFAS (United States Celtic Frost Appreciation Society). But I choose to focus on the band’s weighty, willfully sloppy and skilled execution of elder death metal influences. Plus, the band generally avoid falling into the trap of playing really fast just for the sake of it (known generally as the Suffocation wannabe syndrome) and instead, pound out some truly massive mid-tempo riffing. This is heard to best effect on the sordid “A Somber Blossoming (Soulsflight).” I defy you to not head-bang, at least modestly, to this one. Anyone who relishes the old school of morbidity (Asphyx, Massacre, and Pentacle among many unshaven others…) will lap this brief but bottom-heavy mini-LP up. And for you nerdy completists out there (of which I am one), the band appeared in fine form on Dwell records In Memory Of Celtic Frost tribute album, and some recklessly strewn compilation cuts are also out there (Death Is Just The Beginning 3, I believe).