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Distruzione - Endogena

Death/Thrash Assault - 97%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, August 23rd, 2007

Endogena is debut album of this overlooked band, called Distruzione. The band was formed in 1990 and it can be considered one of the first ones to play death/thrash in Italy. Recently they split-up, probably because the scene is bad in Italy…none is interested in this kind of music. Well, it’s a pity because I like this band very much.

Musically they can be seen as a mix of early Slayer and Kreator with growls and some synth/piano parts at the beginning of few songs to create an obscure atmosphere. The particularity of this group are the lyrics, completely written in Italian. At first I didn’t like this very much because I used to listen to English or American growlers, not Italian but after I begun to love it.

The first song, "Senza Futuro", is an example of what I said before: obscure intro and after, the violence is unleashed. The intensity of this album is incredible. They are all very good players, especially the drummer. The following "Delirio Interiore" song is incredibly heavy and fast. The guitar sound is fantastic and the production is quite good for an underground band.
The guitar solos are sometimes quite slow and evocative to give a trace of darkness in these songs, but other times are the classic Slayer solos: fast and brutal but never chaotic.

The lyrics are about madness, death, obscurity and the great "Ossessioni Funebri" is a good example of that. Sometimes the drums remind me early Celtic Frost/late Hellhammer sound…and that is simply cool!! Also the singer sometimes says “Ugh!” like Tom G. Warrior!! His growls are not too extreme, they seem more screamed and clean…something like Sinister’s ones but more bad ass; you can understand words very well.
"Divina Salvezza" is another song where the beginning is obscure, made of acoustic guitars; then the tempos are constantly growing in intensity ‘till becoming fast as usual. The refrain is awesome and “catchy” because it is really well done, always being very brutal.

The funeral intro for "Ombre Dell’Anima" is really good, and after, that intro melody is immediately recreated by a guitar solo, creating a black mass atmosphere… the instrumental "Diabolus In Musica" gives us 2 minutes of darkness and “relax” after the first bloodbath while we are waiting for the last song, "Agonia". Almost 7 minutes of fast death/thrash that makes you mosh against the wall. The power of this group is incredible and the music is always well balanced between good, slow solos in the mid-paced parts and great riffs in the fastest ones.

The most important thing is that here we have no NOISE but well done fucking heavy MUSIC. Why could a group like this be overlooked and maybe unknown by several people and labels?