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Dissorted - The Final Divide - 90%

Edmund Sackbauer, October 11th, 2021
Written based on this version: 2019, CD, Black Sunset

It always amazes me to realize that there is still a lot of quality music from Germany to discover by bands you have never heard of before. Dissorted are hailing from Bavaria. Having been formed in 2004 it took them 15 years to finally come up with their debut full length. It is called “The Final Divide” and offers 10 songs and 47 minutes packed with furious and energetic music. Their style has been branded as melodic thrash metal and while this is pretty accurate fans of the heftier breeds of power and speed metal should also take notice. While quite fresh and modern in their approach the band clearly stays within the roots of the genre with some nodes to their heroes of the nineties.

The whole album is a riff fest with each of the tracks being defined by some straight-rocking no-nonsense guitar lines driving the music forward with enthusiasm and energy. There is a short intro section in opener “Aggressor – Protector” but it does not take too long before the first set of hard hitting chords gets things underway in fashion. This song launches the album properly in a furious flurry of kick ass riffs and a galloping rhythm. Rampaging hard, this is top drawer thrash metal, with an infectiousness making sure that heads start banging and a catchy sing a long style chorus. Fast and furious, racing along at a blistering pace “Deserter” follows and Dissorted refuse to scale down the level of power and aggression.

There is enough variation to be found on the album so no worries that things will get too samey. During certain sections Dissorted add a more melodic feel to the album, mercilessly stomping their authority all over the airways, with chunky riffs and a punchy rhythm always building the backbone of the music. Infectious and full of head banging addictiveness, most tracks are high speed, highly energetic and full to the brim with an in your face intensity. The chorus parts are chanted in convincing manner and it has to be said that Dissorted are blessed to have a really top class singer among their ranks. Mirco has more to his arsenal than classic and often monotonous thrash barking as he is able to pull off a fantastic and diversified delivery.

Dissorted made sure to add some rhythm and tempo changes along the way and it is obvious that these lads know their instruments. However, there is not much time for a breather as they keep romping on with their thunderous style of crushing yet melodic music. The production is top notch, something you can expect when an album is released on MDD Records. The guitars have a nice crunch and the drums come with a hefty punch, but the great lead harmonies are always on top and never buried beneath a wall of sound. “The Final Divide” is an easy recommendation for every fan of melodic thrash respectively power metal without the cheesiness.