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Dissimulator > Lower Form Resistance > 2024, 12" vinyl, 20 Buck Spin (Limited edition, 3 colors) > Reviews > Intraveinous
Dissimulator - Lower Form Resistance

Sci-fi thrash metal done right - 85%

Intraveinous, February 11th, 2024
Written based on this version: 2024, 12" vinyl, 20 Buck Spin (Limited edition, 3 colors)

Lower Form Resistance is the first album I bought in 2024, mainly because of the musicians involved in the project, whom I respect highly. So I was expecting a high-quality product from the start, knowing the technical prowess of Philippe Boucher as well as Chthe'ilist and Atramentus, two bands whose albums I loved and in which Claude Leduc and Antoine Daigneault are involved as well. Indeed, it was quite a surprise to listen to this first album of Dissimulator.

If there's one genre of metal that the three musicians haven't explored much, it's thrash metal and that's what we get with Lower Form Resistance. True old-school thrash, with breathtaking riffs, tempo changes at will, and some Voivodian dissonances to fit their sci-fi aesthetic. Moreover, they took care to add several elements that distinguish them from a too generic tech thrash metal such as clean vocals and vocoder (best use since Cynic) and even a spoken word part in French.

Through the avalanche of catchy riffs, each musician is highlighted and the songwriting is very original and varied. Thus, there are some more airy passages, with the bass alone or clean guitar which keeps the interest of the listener despite the length of the songs. If the whole is resolutely thrash metal, the death metal influence is still felt, mainly through Leduc's harsh vocals and Boucher's drumming, which includes its share of blast beats. Definitely the best technical thrash metal album since Vektor in my opinion. Lower Form Resistance is a total success and a pleasant surprise for me. Highly recommended.