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Dissimulation > Prakeikimas > Reviews
Dissimulation - Prakeikimas

Aggressive blackened thrash - 65%

Lane, June 17th, 2012

'Prakeikimas' translates to "damnation" in Lithuanian. Lengthy snippet from William T. Stromberg's music 'Trinity and beyond (The Atomic Bomb Movie)' creates perfect mood for your wait to be damned. Dissimulation hit in with metalized version of Stromberg's creation.

Aggressive blackened thrash metal is what Dissimulation are all about. The music flows well with varying speed between thrashy and blackish moods and compositions do not follow any precise, easy structures. I'd say, that the band's thrash metal influences come from Germany. Generally, riffs are sometimes very simple, which definitely bring the name Venom to my mind. Norwegian black metal also seem to have influenced the band, and chiefly Satyricon style. There's some a tad funny Finntroll-ish riffs (e.g. the first one on 'Omega et Alpha'), which need time to sink. Or then they won't, ever. You will not hear any guitar solos on this album, which didn't matter to me anyways. There are ambient, moody synthesizer passages between lengthy songs, successfully lifting the dark "end of times" atmosphere. However, that atmosphere factor is still much higher on for example Gehenna's 'Adimiron Black' (1998). The album admittedly loses the deadliest venom during the second half, momentarily gaining it on the last song.

If the music has some originality in it, Lithuanian lyrics harden that image. Vocals are mainly nasty if usual black metal snarling. There's some different vocals stuff, the best example is theatrical choir of mad people on the opener. The booklet should include English translations of the lyrics. Sound-wise, this is basic as it harks back to 1980s and is very organic. The band's performance itself is energetic, more or less busy all the time.

'Prakeikimas' is not an easy album. Even now, after 20 or so listens it keeps getting better and doesn't show too many signs of fatigue. Maybe those funny riffs are actually starting to sound good. Let's see, if 'Kol Viskas Niekur' shall ever reveal its possible potential threat for me.

(originally written for in 2006) review - 80%

BeyondAllRemorse, February 7th, 2006

Ledo Takas Records

Having caused a consistent storm in their native Lithuania in recent years, the time seems more than right for this bunch of reprobates to burst out of their home grown scene and set their sights on bigger markets. But, how many times have you heard an Eastern European band attempt to do the very same?

The truth of the matter with Dissimulation however is that with 'Prakeikimas', which translates to 'Damnation' the band have the substance and quality to take it that step further. Without a shadow of any doubt this is a wonderful album, that despite only consisting of six tracks, takes a well worn formula and even if it doesn't exactly change the rules, it gives them a mighty kick up the arse.

With the likes of Venom and Kreator coming to mind on initial listens, the bands roots are pretty self evident, however after a few times round the cd player it is clear that this band are far from guilty of plagiarism. Quite the opposite in fact as they are not afraid to try new things,some that work well, others brilliantly.

Although the lyrics are in their native tongue, it is still accessible and the thrashy elements really combine well with some of the more Black Metal passages that are also evident. The whole album is enveloped in some eery synths that add to the atmosphere and show perfectly well just how competent and progressive this band are.

Dissimulation have me well and truly in their grasp. Excellent stuff !