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Dissimulation > Juodo mėnulio pasveikinta > Reviews > Evilized_Spawn
Dissimulation - Juodo mėnulio pasveikinta

Lithuanian melodic black metal - 84%

Evilized_Spawn, April 6th, 2005

What we have here is the first offering by Lithuanian black/thrash metal band Dissimulation. This demo recording is, however, very different from other/later releases by the band. It has more to do with melodic black metal than with black/thrash, though there are some clear foreshadowing of the direction the band was going to take with their next record (Miglose EP) and develop even more with their first full-length (Maras).

The production here is quite poor. As the rumors spread, Juodo Mënulio Pasveikinta (Hailed by the Black Moon) was recorded and mixed in several hours. Yet, this kind of production adds a lot to the atmosphere. Because of this and because of several other matters the demo could be referred to as one of the most atmospheric Dissimulation recordings.

Tracks on this demo are:

1. Intro. This atmospheric synthesizer part was recorded by now-former guitarist Þilvinas. It is somewhat reminiscent to the Intro that stars off the following release. Moreover it could be a bit shorter, fore I think that two minute-long intro is too much (7/10)

2. Bûk Prakeiktas (Curse You). This one here is a great onslaught of straightforward melodic black metal, spiced with some really tasty synthesizer parts, provided by the aforementioned guitar player. The guitar sound here is quite good, although it could be a little bit louder. The drums sound kinda shitty, but that is the problem of almost all Lithuanian records. The bass is inaudible at all and vocals are somehow lost in the mix. Though I am Lithuanian, I couldn’t understand a single word in the lyrics (well, that’s because of the production) (9/10)

3. Mûðis Rûke (Battle in the Fog). This track is my favorite. Here one can here some blast-beats that are really rare in the music of Dissimulation. Here one of the few tracks in the discography of Dissimulation that deals with pagan thematic. The song begins with a nice clean guitar part, that later shifts into a melodic distorted part followed by Skyforger-like vocals and melodies. This track could be called one of the most melodic (10/10)

4. Juodu Nuodëmiø Tiltu (Over the Black Bridge of Sins). The song begins with a slow melodic part and than the black metal frenzy kicks in. Synthesizers add some great color to the black metal sound here; they are used wisely – not too loud in the mix and the lines are not too complicated, just some simple arrangements. On the whole, this song is a bit monotonous (8/10)

5. Juodo Mënulio Pasveikinta (Hailed by the Black Moon). The title song begins with a mid-tempo beat and a melodic guitar line and then for a while we are granted some blast-beats again. The verse of the song isn’t something too interesting, but the part that follows it keeps one’s years pricked up. A melodic guitar line followed by a bass solo (?!) is really great. Then we have some mid-tempo metal with synthesizer arrangements and that is it. Is must be said that this is one of the longest Dissimulation songs ever written (5:19) (8/10)

6. Velniðkas Apsëdimas (Diabolical Obsession). The closer of the demo starts with some blast-beats but they do not last for too long. Then some complex rhythm and black metal frenzy keeps you head-banging till the end of the record (8/10)
On the whole, this is one of the most interesting offerings by the still-developing band in its young years. Regretfully, it is very difficult to get, fore it was released by the different label than the one Dissimulation are in now.