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Dissimulation > Iškelk ir išniekink > Reviews
Dissimulation - Iškelk ir išniekink

Iškelk Ir Išniekink” - 70%

dismember_marcin, November 12th, 2012

Dissimulation… Well, I hope you know this band well, and if not then let me say that they’re – together with Loits and Must Missa – probably one best Baltic (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia) metal bands at the moment. I got to know Dissimulation already back in 2002, when Ledo Takas released their debut LP “Maras” and soon later the second one “Prakeikimas” in 2005. Once I listened to them they quickly became one of my favourite Baltic releases and I really felt that Dissimulation needs everyone’s support and attention. Not only their music was killer, but also quite original, so there were many reasons to get the band out from their Lithuanian woods and introduce to the European maniacs (which I actually did with a long interview with Stabmeldys – check it out here: And because I missed the third LP “Atiduokit Mirusius”, once I saw “Iškelk Ir Išniekink” in the distro, where I usually buy the stuff for my metal collection, I made the quick purchase, hoping to get crushed by the band’s characteristic blend of black and thrash again!

Well, it is definitely great to listen to this band again. As I said they’ve been one of the best Baltic bands and once you listen to “Iškelk Ir Išniekink” you realize that they are also very original, music wise. I mean surely their music is based in the classic Scandinavian and Slavonic black metal stuff, while the influences from thrash metal were much dropped on this MLP, but the way everything on “Iškelk Ir Išniekink” has been played and composed makes Dissimulation different from the average European band. It is like Master’s Hammer, if you know what I mean? It’s based on classic metal values, but played differently and in unique way, where the origin of the band clearly has a lot of influence on it. In case of Dissimulation you just must listen to their vocals. I didn’t mention Master’s Hammer (or Root) by accident, as all these bands characterise similar attempt to adopt their Slavonic languages into the metal harshness. And the results are so different to the usual English – or even Swedish / Norwegian - singing!!! Already these vocals make the music sound unique and some of you may get quite surprised with Dissimulation’s Lithuanian lyrics and also with the far from standard voice – which combines the harsh shriek with clean singing.

And add to that the music, which is way more progressive than what I remember from the early Dissimulation LPs. I mean nowadays the band – even if often they still have a bit of blackened thrash metal sound – sounds more like someone wanted Enslaved to have more direct metal approach and Lithuanian vocals. Ha, the effect is one of a kind! Obviously I must say that the band concentrates more on creating sort of dark and eerie atmosphere rather than the thrashing aggression (and sometimes I did have a feeling like I really wanted to hear something more furious, if you get my point) and some of you may find it as too odd, but screw you. I like the way Dissimulation builds the tension; their riffing definitely became unique, even with many similarities to the Norwegian bands like the mentioned Enslaved and Hades (Almighty) plus few riffs, like those from “Dievturys” remind me of Absu. But comparing this MLP to the first two Dissimulation records, I must say that the difference is quite huge and sometimes I can even say that it sounds now like completely different band. Even with the whole artwork I have a feeling like Dissimulation opted for more sort of heathen metal band, rather than the antichristian or even satanic type of act they seemed to be before. But maybe I am wrong here? Don’t know. Anyway, I can definitely say that “Iškelk Ir Išniekink” is an interesting effort. I can even say that it is quite a challenge to fully comprehend the idea of the band for their music, but surely it’s well played and composed piece of music. Check it out, if you’re looking for something more original.
Standout track: “Dievturys”