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Yeah, great LP - 87%

Sportswear, March 15th, 2004

Yes, press play and bam. Very tight musically, great production. Powerful and brutal death metal. The vocals are the usual brutal growl, but fucking great. Shit, I even like a few of the solos on this LP :-O

Great breakdown on “By the Eyes of the Dead”.

The songs are fucking fast, with excellently executed time changes. The crunchy parts are tough as fuck. The drumming is fast and worthy of praise. There are no over played blast beats. The blasts are done perfectly.
The songs are all a perfect length too and never seem to drone on. fucking brutal shit. Great fucking pinch harmonics gliding perfectly into a crunchy tempo change on the title song, that leads to a fantastic solo.
Yeah, I would say the song structure is perfect for Death Metal. It isn't as technical as some would make out at all. But is just smart and very decent brutality, with great changes and a great general feel to it.