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An epic masterpiece - 95%

prolix_89, March 7th, 2009

Dissection have been pioneers in their own sense on the black metal scene. This DVD is a lasting, fitting and benevolent tribute to the late Jon Nödtveidt of this highly underrated Black metal outfit. The sound quality and picture clarity is eloquent and the manner, in which the members of Dissection go about doing what they do best, is remarkable. ‘Night’s Blood,’ is the first full length track of the DVD and starts kicks of an epic journey into the most well documented concert featuring Jon Nödtveidt.

Of course, the highlight of this DVD is waiting in anticipation for ‘No Dreams Breed In Breathless Sleep’ which is followed immediately by ‘Where Dead Angels Lie.’ Without doubt, ‘Where Dead Angels Lie’ is the best song written by Dissection and perhaps the best song ever written in the history of black metal. Melodic, melancholic and hauntingly beautiful, it epitomizes everything that black metal should be. The track ‘Soulreaper,’ comes before ‘No Dreams Breed In Breathless Sleep.’ And as ‘No Dreams Breed In Breathless Sleep’ is played, all the band members stand behind a curtain of smoke, waiting for their cue to play the epic ‘Where Dead Angels Lie.’ When the song starts, the reception it gets is excellent, as Jon doesn’t announce the name of the song but the Dissection faithful know which track it is. As the song is belted out, Tomas Asklund’s surgeon-like precision drumming holds the song together and what is remarkable is that Tomas Asklund plays with quiet efficiency He seems to know exactly what he’s doing and seems extremely chilled out at the task he’s performing.

The guitar and bass work is up to the mark and with excellent sound production and re-mastering and is as crisp as a pack of freshly opened crackers. ‘Thorns Of Crimson Death’ and ‘The Somberlain’ are two exceptional songs that sound phenomenal when played live and seeing that these two tracks were constantly on their set list, it was no wonder to see them pull it of so flawlessly. The other songs on this DVD are played with timely proficiency and skill, but without a doubt, the most awe-inspiring moment is watching ‘Where Dead Angels Lie’ being played by Jon.

R.I.P. Jon Nödtveidt. You will always be remembered.

Rebirth Before Death - 92%

6black6label6, June 29th, 2007

After looking for this DVD for months, my friend brought it up to me in the local record store and my eyes went aglow. This DVD would offer a much different experience then just the music, i had realized this was the one of the last times anyone would see this man (Jon Nodtveidt) alive, and it got me to thinking about the legacy this man left behind. After watching the show I thought that Nodtveidt knew he was going to do this for the last time, and showed a charismatic side that wasn't seen in the pre-jail albums. But the cool thing about it was, he sounded as he did in the 90's.

Sethlans Teitan to seemed to be just kind of a waste, mainly because Jon played most, if not all of the leads. But nevertheless he stated his case, and made himself known. The Drummer for the set, Tomas Asklund was pretty impressive, pulling off the blast beats while it seemed like he was just chilling out. There werent too many shots of the bassist (Erik Danielsson), but from what I have gathered he was pretty tough and played a mean bass. The best riffs were all there and in tact, except for my favorite riff of all (the first verse riff from Unhallowed), although if you listen well enough you can hear Set Teitan playing it, but Nodtveidt held a chord that overpowered Teitan. But all the leads Jon played almost mirrored what as written for the albums. There is an interview with Jon, explaining the origin of Dissection as well as reflecting on his time in prison. Stating that it gave him time to write some different music, and it gave him time to think. I am not sure if it is have been conceived by most people, but Anti-cosmic Metal of Death is defined within the lyrics and imagery of Reinkaos, but that is a different subject all together.

One of the fortunate things about the release was that it was released right before the 3rd album Reinkaos, and only contains 1 song "Maha Kali", which the crowd hardly moves for. But apart from that, it is a flawless set list, kicked off by the first 2 tracks from "Storm of the Lights Bane", followed but the songs spanning the bands entire career...mind you it was only 2 albums. But either way there is not one song (besides Maha Kali) that I don't find myself immersed in world of lyrical wonder and masterful musicianship most clearly defined as "Anti-cosmic Metal of Death".

Die Seth And Somber Slain - 87%

MettleAngel, August 22nd, 2006

On 30 October, 2004, the night's blood before the unhallowed weaning; where dead angels lie frozen; the torpid, tormented, somber, slain, soulreaper - Jon Nodtveidt with his newly formed Dissection lineup made ready reinkaos as the eternal firestorm of the lights banished son shined brilliantly and they staged classic cuts for voracious souls. It was a sold out show at Arenan, Stockholm and Jon had only recently been released from the chaosophia of prison's confinement. The thorns of the christian dearth had pierced deep into the fathomless depths of his dissected mind, leaving him filled with retribution, wrangling against the black dragon within the walls.

Now fervent fans will enjoy all their favorites played fluidly and feverishly melodic while watching this DVD. Sorrowful souls searching will become refined, while lugubrious legmen legitimately awaken to the animated animosity or vicious visions made vivid, . The picture quality and production is prosaic, Once again Escapi Music have released another must own high quality DVD, just as they have in the past with Force Of Evil and Candlemass. The songs on this DVD are all taken from the first two Dissection CDs with one new track, Maha Kali, and a cover of Elizabeth Bathori by Tormentor. Listening to the listless, lamentful melacholic music is like becoming entranced by a prismatic quieteus, as one becomes lured into breathless sleep while watching. This nepenthe drama reaches its penultimate conclusion with the closing cuts of The Somberlain and The Land Forlorn.

Their are some bonus features as well including a video visual victual for the new song Starless Aeon as well as a photo gallery slide show. My promotional copy was not accompanied by the bonus CD which is also included. The boundless bonus - beyond the horizon of recent events - is the personal and exclusive interview with just Jon. Here he openly discloses his dark mother divine bellicose beliefs. He refers to his time spent incarcerated and in spite of opposition, how he continued to create music through his artisan of heartfelt determination; an ongoing attitude of forthright diligence and affectation.

I have been planning to review this DVD for almost a month now. I kept procrastinating, having been overwhelmed with other work. Now I have my priorities in order. In non-luminous light of Jon's lethal munificence, having faced heaven's damnation and embraced the God of forbidden light, he freely chose to repudiate this wretched life - leaving us so suddenly. Deep down in his heart he felt he had fulfilled all that he had set out forever and ever to endeavor, to create. Thus, my timing for this assiduous assessment is paramount; being compelled by semi-urgency to pay deference to the demiurge of lucid fear.

No matter what we believe, think, or feel about Jon's violence and volition, I offer up this review as a lasting testament to his mettle which has inspired multitudes. As his soul sores through the cold winds of know whereabouts; let us set aside our judgement and speculation and while enjoying his invictus invention, let us focus our minds and hearts to one hated and yet still adulated.

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