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Legandary concert re-release on an audio CD only! - 99%

misanthropic_zine, December 3rd, 2010

Here is another official release of this great and almost legendary Dissection concert from Stockholm. Compared to Mayhem’s “The Return” concert in Bischofswehrda / Germany once, “The Rebirth” of Dissection was more of a success and same about the different record releases of it.

The track list differs a little from the real contents on the CD, the track “At The Fathomless Depths” is not featured on the CD, so track 1 is the first part of “Night’s Blood” and track 2 the other half of it. Otherwise there are missing a few songs from the concert, strange how they took away “Maha Kali”, the one of the few “new” Dissection songs which was played on this gig and later released on the live DVD, but since it is not really one of my favorite Dissections songs – one of the worst they ever wrote, even if they never wrote a really bad song – no tear about this. A little sad is that the song about “Elizabeth Bathory” is not featured on this CD.

So the songs featured are mainly all from “The Storm of the Light’s Bane” album and a few from “The Somberlain” plus one very old song. About the songs themselves I do not have to talk, I think. They stayed all almost the same as before “the break”, we all know how they sound like, some live versions differs a little from the album versions, but there is nothing special with it. And they all are played very well live, too.

The sound is really good for a live recording, somewhere between the professional sound of the fficial live record “Live Legacy” and the unofficial live version of the same concert “Frozen in Wacken”.

Anyway, here the listener gets the chance to experience a Dissection live gig for a little while again (playing time a little over an hour), an event we will unfortunately never have the chance to see in reality again. But in this point this CD really is a success too, it takes away all your attention for a while, so you almost feel carried back to the show again.

The Layout is a bit poor, but who buys a record in cause of the featured booklet or layout? No, exactly it is the music that is interesting and on that there is nothing to complain.

(Originally written for Misanthropic zine)