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Excellent Live Album. - 90%

Death_Heat, April 27th, 2003

The quality is great; the sound is thick and heavy, and Jons vocals are in top form. Most of the songs were from Storm of the Light's bane, since that was the album they were touring at the time, and they are all exceuted well, as are the handfull of songs from their debut, The Somberlain. The lineup was changed a bit for the tour, but it is unoticable, everyone knows the songs and plays them well (I doubt Jon would accept anything less).

The two main reasons this live album didn't get a 100 rating are:
A. The fading between songs. This can get really annoying and the whole "live" feeling get's lost.

B. It's too short. I have bootlegs from this tour and a few more songs were played; Son Of The Mourning, Elezibeth Bathory, etc..., that could have been put on a live album and maybe brin it to an hour or more, Live Legacy is about 43 minutes long.

Overall, it's definately a winner, and something to keep us DISSECTION fans occupied until 2004.