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An overlooked live recording - 90%

WilliamAcerfeltd, November 14th, 2007

It was 8 years since the release of the last Dissection full-length album, and then in 2003, this album hit the shelves. This album was recorded at Wacken, once again, many metal fans from around the world braved the disgusting, dirty and squalor conditions, just to see their favourite band. Would it be worth it just to see Dissection? You bet.

The set list is all in all, a good, albeit short list. Unfortunately it was made even short with the Night's Blood (awesome song) being omitted from the list because of problems with the recording. Despite this, the recording on this album is quite good, much better than the recording found on the bootleg Frozen in Wacken.

As mentioned before, the set list is a good one. Containing 5 songs from SOTLB and 2 from The Somberlain. This provides a bit of variety, although more could have been taken from The Somberlain even though it’s not as good as SOTLB. Jon's vocals on this album are great; his vocals are just as good as they are on any other Dissection release.

This is a very solid release and if you’re a Dissection fan, you should get this.
The only bad thing about this album is that it's a) too short and b) ultimately it's nothing new. However, it is worth your time and money and in my opinion, this is one of the best live recordings around, so if you like Dissection and live recordings, go for it.

Conclusion: The above is recommended for download or purchase.

A short but sweet summary of Dissection - 81%

stefan86, November 17th, 2004

"Live Legacy" was recorded at Dissection's classic Wacken gig in 1997. It was already featured as a DVD before with decent sound quality. This version has a much improved quality compared to that. It has that raw yet incredibly powerful sound that "Storm of The Lights Bane" also possessed. The guitar and drum sound on here is just as killer as on that studio album.

One of the complaints I have here is that "Night's Blood" is not included. They did play it at the gig, so why in the hell not put it on the live CD?! Seriously, is there any person familiar with Dissection who doesn't expect that song after "At The Phantomless Depths"? Otherwise, the song selection is pretty nice except for the short length of the CD as a whole.

Mandatory tracks from "Storm of The Light's Bane" as "Unhallowed", "Where Dead Angels Lie" and the purely evil "Thorns of Crimson Death" are included as well as old favourites like "Frozen" and "The Somberlain" from their first full-length. I would've still wanted to see "Night's Blood", "Elisabeth Bathory" and "The Grief Prophecy" on here though.

This is still something that will please fans of the band, simply because those 40 minutes of Dissection we get here sound awesome. If "Night's Blood" would have been on here I would have preferred it to any of their studio releases.

Song highlights: "Thorns of Crimson Death", "Unhallowed" and "The Somberlain"

Dead angels lie here - 90%

NightOfTheRealm, May 28th, 2004

I am very pleased to have Dissection – LIVE LEGACY in my hands finally issued onto CD. Dissection fans, there is no need to read further in the review. If you have their “Frozen on Wacken 1997” bootleg, then you’ll want to pick up this album, as this is the same recording, with much improved sound.

LIVE LEGACY is the 6 song, 40-minute performance of the band’s appearance at the Wacken Festival in 1997. Oh hell yeah. Pure, unadulterated melodic black-death metal from one of Sweden’s ultimate bands. The recording here is almost as good as a live recording can be, and is obviously soundbord in origin. It’s hard to tell, but I don’t think this recording was overdubbed or modified in any way. The drum tone is punchy, and the guitars are well mixed and ominous. Really, one would look hard to find many better live recordings.

The major limitation on this album is its length, or lack of it. 40 minutes is much too short for a band as mighty as Dissection. Major bonus points go out to LIVE LEGACY for being the complete performance, including the crowd interaction and reaction. The setlist, too, is very good, despite its brevity. In any case, any Dissection set with the mandatory “Throns of Crimson Death” is a fine set in my book.

LIVE LEGACY is a worthy addition to the illustrious Dissection catalog, and is a worthy upgrade for anyone wanting to improve on their “Frozen in Wacken” coaster. I’m glad I sought the upgrade as the booklet also includes Jon’s commentary on each song, an interesting read. LIVE LEGACY would even serve as a great introduction to the band, as all the mandatory tracks are here. Now, it’s only a matter of time before Jon Nödtveidt gets out of jail and spreads Dissection’s unholiness again over Scandanavia.

(originally written by me for, March, 2003)

Excellent Live Album. - 90%

Death_Heat, April 27th, 2003

The quality is great; the sound is thick and heavy, and Jons vocals are in top form. Most of the songs were from Storm of the Light's bane, since that was the album they were touring at the time, and they are all exceuted well, as are the handfull of songs from their debut, The Somberlain. The lineup was changed a bit for the tour, but it is unoticable, everyone knows the songs and plays them well (I doubt Jon would accept anything less).

The two main reasons this live album didn't get a 100 rating are:
A. The fading between songs. This can get really annoying and the whole "live" feeling get's lost.

B. It's too short. I have bootlegs from this tour and a few more songs were played; Son Of The Mourning, Elezibeth Bathory, etc..., that could have been put on a live album and maybe brin it to an hour or more, Live Legacy is about 43 minutes long.

Overall, it's definately a winner, and something to keep us DISSECTION fans occupied until 2004.