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Absent of future charm... - 80%

The_Ghoul, May 14th, 2006

These songs would all end up on future albums (Son of Mourning on Where Dead Angels Lie and the other two on The Somberlain), but the performance here is a bit different. The style is definitely death metal, as Dissection hadn't explored black metal yet. The songs would end up also on The Past Is Alive, and the nature of that compilation would allow you to see the progression Dissection made.

However, these songs would end up being the more primitive songs on the Somberlain, and lacked even the charm of the other Somberlain songs. Lacking in the intensity of Storm Of the Light's Bane, and the technical insight of The Somberlain, these songs were a good effort, though and any Dissection fan should line up to get this. However, get the others first; this EP is not as matured as the future albums. I said it before and I'll say it again, Storm of the Light's Bane reigns supreme, with cold riffs and a gripping atmosphere and superior performance. Part of the problem is the production; it's dry and inconsistent, while being a bit garbled. It isn't as clear as The Somberlain, nor as cold and epic and icy as Storm of the Light's Bane. The picture presented by the production here is not complete, so the experience isn't, either.

Make no mistake, this is not bad. It is just like the somberlain but with less matured songwriting and an incomplete production.