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Disrupted > Morbid Death > Reviews > Sweetie
Disrupted - Morbid Death

Morbid Breath - 80%

Sweetie, September 21st, 2022

In 2020, Memento Mori brought us Disrupted’s ferocious and mighty Pure Death, winning my interest in the band immediately. Looking back five years prior, they had another disc that very much projected the sound they would perfect later on. Titled Morbid Death, the debut seems to have set the stage for a “death” themed album title run. These Swedish death metallers also made sure to inject that regional feel to their riffs, early on.

Objectively, there isn’t really anything new or groundbreaking here. The way that this one manages to maintain attention is the sheer harshness in delivery. Disrupted has a serious ear for chunkier rhythms, under a grainy tone that delivers a blow that could be felt miles away. Couple this with slower riff patterns that contrast the explosive drum work, and you’ve got your album. Tunes that ring in slow, doomy bridges and intros like “From The Tomb” leave the biggest impact.

Tracks that hold this energy also helped break things up for Morbid Death. Right smack in the middle, you get a doom/death headsplitter called “Psalm For The Slaughtered.” It’s as menacing as the title suggests. Keeping things brief also works well. Focusing all of the energy on this harsher delivery allowed for tight songs, despite such an unforgiving atmosphere.

Really, that’s all it takes to make a one-trick-horse that isn’t anything new actually feel compelling. The focus, the delivery, and the small tricks just fill the cracks right in. Nothing here is worth overly hyped over (yet), but I enjoy every time I return to the band’s debut.

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