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Dismembered Carnage - Blasphemed Betrayal - 92%

Edmund Sackbauer, November 8th, 2019
Written based on this version: 2019, CD, Careless Records (Digipak)

Having recently stumbled upon Russian extreme metal label Careless records I also discovered this US death metal commando. Hailing from California they have started their career in 2012 with “Blasphemed Betrayal” being their second full length album. I have been left deeply impressed by the level of professionalism and energy that this pretty youngish band shows on this release.

Hard hitting trademark chords are pitched against mesmerizing and at first glance sometimes slightly disharmonic-sounding melodies creating an unholy force of destruction. The main chops are mainly reminiscent of the classic US bands like Morbid Angel or Monstrosity but there are also influences from Scandinavian heroes (Vomitory in particular) and a few hints of technically gifted Eastern European peers like Vader and Co. While most songs are kept in mid-tempo or faster regions Dismembered Carnage have not forgotten to include some slower parts in which the music is crawling out of the speakers like a reanimated corpse. In those moments the atmosphere gets very dense and sinister leaving the listener with a slightly uneasy feeling.

The songs are cleverly constructed with the right balance of straight forward and steamrolling parts and some more sophisticated pieces lending each track its own character. Tempo and rhythm changes can be found in each song but they are placed with a great feeling for the timing and the flow of the album. Although the music being quite technical in places there are tons of hooks making “Blasphemed Betrayal” an album being easily enjoyable for any death metal fan. Longer and shorter solos work as transition between the various parts helping to link the different pieces of each song.

The growling delivered by singer Damian is deep but he is using his pipes in a way to make the lyrics perfectly understandable. In my books this is always a plus as I am fan of brutal and aggressive yet clearly articulated vocals.

Another big plus of this album is the powerful production. The guitars are crunchy and the drums have an immense punch. The mix is crystal clear making each instrument perfectly audible without sacrificing a certain level of rawness. Each detail can be fully enjoyed making this album an absolute must-have for any collector of devastating old school death metal.