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Great Early Death Metal - 85%

BassLord, August 28th, 2005

On their third and final demo, Dismember show that they have improved quite a bit since recording their first two demos. This release shows a great improvement in the bands technicality and creativity. This was also their first release to feature Matti on vocals. This release also shows the band starting to include subtle melodies in their music.

The demo begins with a melodic guitar intro that is partnered with simple power chords. After an interesting solo, the band begin their onslaught with "Dismembered". An array of heavy, sometimes sludgey sounding riffs, pounding drums with plenty of blast beats, and growled vocals beat the listener into submission. Matti's tortured growl is a great assett to Dismember, as his vocals are brutal, but not monotonous, and fit better with the band's sound than their previous vocalists. This song also features some some awesome riffage that show Dismember are trying to expand on their sound. This song also has some wierd high pitched chanting, which add's to the song's creepiness.

"Sickening Art" begins with a more mid-tempoed sludgey styled riff. The song carries on in this fashion for a while before kicking up the speed. This song actually switches tempos many times giving the music an added level of depth. More awesome solos are to be found as well, and the slamming outro is possibly the most brutal moment of the demo.

The demo ends with a new version of the song "Defective Decay" from their first demo. The sound quality and vocals are much better on this version in my opinion(The vocals on the original were more like a black metal scream). The guitar sound is greatly improved as well. Also the new version features some cool guitar harmonies and solos.

Overall, this is a great slab of early death metal. Any fan of the band who is interested in their roots should check this out.