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To Show We Mean Well - 70%

Muse_Perverse696, June 26th, 2012

Melody and Dismember are two things that should not go together and this ep proves it. That said, this is not a bad ep, actually far from it. This is more or less harmless when compared to most of "Indecent and Obscene" or "Like An Ever Flowing Stream" and I can understand why the songs were never used anywhere else, but it doesn't seem out of character for Dismember, and their cover of Autopsy's 'Pagan Saviour' proves that they haven't gone under some horrific transition into an incredibly watered down melodic death metal band, which is what this does suggest to some extent.

But like I said, this is far from bad. All this is is Dismember taking a bit of a vacation from their delicious death-infused groves of "Indecent..." that had been released two years prior. Most tracks (except the cover, of course) feature leads that are full of melody, making me theorize that if someone had left this recording outside when a light breeze was blowing, it would have been whisked away with very little trouble.

All the tracks featured here are well-crafted and feature the usual Dismember dirty distortion. The production does the album justice as everything here is audible and in the right place and gives the guitars the usual punch. All the original tracks here feature a degree of heaviness that reminds me that this is still, in fact, Dismember in between rather unwelcome uplifting lead guitar melodies. Matti's vocals on the chorus of 'Afterimage' remind me of hardcore punk that the riffs seem to support, and as weird as it might seem it’s hardly from out of place with the rest song.

All in all, it's not bad, but it's nothing I would recommend to any Dismember devotee, or perhaps something if you had to have everything Dismember had ever released, but otherwise just pass it over, 'cause you’re not missing anything.