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Swedish Fascination - 80%

gone_homocide, March 2nd, 2007

This album simply put is mystifying. This is my favorite Swedish death metal bands and this is one of my preferred Swedish cds. The complexity of the riffs and the gnarling vocals make a great combination. Unlike most other Swedish death metal bands this album does not get repetitive every song has its own unique sound to it.

This album to me has a doom like feel to it everything is depressing and misanthropic sounding and I have no problem with that because the sound is brutal. The guitar riffs are most amazing yet the drumming lacks. The intensity of the guitar and drums don’t equal each other when they should they are on two different wave lengths it seems and the drumming gets repetitive.

The album has its high points and its low points. I Saw Them Die is a weak album starter but it picks up after that. The aggression and anger expressed in the lyrics is very well devoloped and well expressed throughout the whole cd. This album holds a distinguished instrumental track called Nenia which has some really cool guitar riffs. The Casket Garden is not a slower song but is very well laid out and rocks.

This album is great its not the best its not close to the worst Dismember ever produced. I prefer Death Metal over this album but that is my opinion this is still a great release.