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Certainly lives up to its name. - 93%

Shadespawn, April 25th, 2009

"Take me away from here
To a place without fear"

Here we have yet another great, monstrous release from Swedish death metal masters Dismember. While other bands call it quits in their mid-era, experiment with industrial or even avant-garde, Dismember have always been true to their scene and more importantly, their music. "Massive Killing Capacity" is a juggernaught of extravagance, bringing death and destruction to everything in its path.

The true spirit of a band's work can be felt through every note played, through every drumbeat and every breath of air pushed through the trachea of the vocalist(s). Music always has been and always will be more than just shallow notes and words accompanied by rhythmic drums. This album is the best example for heavy metal done with so much feeling for the music, that it's almost terrifying. Much of today's death metal scene (if you could still call it that way) is filled with watered down bullshit. The reason why bands such as Dismember or Entombed manage to stand out and excel as a death metal killing machine, is that they play not just with their instruments, but with feeling and that's what it's all about.

"Massive Killing Capacity". A hell of a name, if you ask me. Now take a closer look at it together with the artwork and tell me the first thing that comes to mind. Yes, mother of all... that looks pretty damn cheesy and imposing at the same time. Is that the Dismember band logo on that thing? Are those giant chainsaws as arms with all-round gunfire? Ohhh yes. Right from the first track onwards, Dismember waste no time in getting straight to damn business. "I saw them die" is the perfect way to start. No fancy intros, no dramatic synths, just straight to the point. A flowing, wonderfully distorted guitar tone distinguishes this album's heaviness. Bursting with anger at times and firing an energic or a soulful, jazzy solo at others, the tracks know no limits to their creativity. Not a single riff on this piece of death metal is boring, in fact they are all awesome, be it slow and sluggish or fast and furious. Drum patters of course give the whole Moloch a nice rock'n'roll feeling to it. While some songs (ex. Hallucigenia) tend to calm down a bit, most of them are simply marvellous aggression explosions. "Collection by blood" is a good example on how to be brutal and melodic at the same time, but this is a fairly rare trait of Dismember, but you can still see the parallels to modern day clones who repeat the whole note/open string/major second lower/open string/minor second lower/open string... etc. you get the picture.

"I lived my life
Finally the end is here"

While this may be Dismember's black sheep to some, I find no reason to not like this album, if you like quality Swedish death metal. Some even say Dismember ripped Entombed off. While the two bands are close friends, they play the same style of music. The major difference is that Entombed's sound is more dreary. Not to mention the vocal style that differs drastically. It is hard to say which band I like more, both are amazing slabs of Swedish farmer death metal and that is a quality you must learn to cherish.