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Underrated - 80%

Exterus, January 9th, 2004

Most Dismember fans (and death metal fans in general) consider this album to be one of Dismembers weakest moments. I disagree.
Sure, it has a somewhat different sound than most of Dismembers other albums, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's for the worse.
In many of the songs, the drums sound more like standard heavy metal than death metal. The album isn't as fast as many of Dismembers other releases but it's still brutal and heavy as hell. And death metal all the way through.
The riffage is great, there are a number of superb riffs, most notably in "Collection by blood", "To the bone" and "Crime Divine" who also are a few of the albums highlights overall.
There is also a instrumental track, "Nenia". I'm a bit indecisive about this one. It isn't bad, and it reminds me of Metallicas "Orion" from Master of Puppets. But it still doesn't feel quite right in the context of the album.

Aside from the obvious theme of conflict and war, the tracks "I saw them die" and "Life, another shape of sorrow" gives the album a vague sad/tragic feeling that complements the bloodstained rage that marks the rest of the album.

All and all, I think that the albums difference from the other Dismember-releases shows Dismembers greatness in the fact that there are definetly not many bands out there that could deviate from the norm of the genre like this and still retain the brutality and spirit of death metal.