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Garbage In The Casket Garden - 20%

OzzyApu, June 8th, 2011

Huh, a short EP from Dismember that I’ve never noticed before, so how is it? It's inconsistent death and roll much like Entombed around after Clandestine: supposedly catchy rhythms, allegedly groovy riffs, hoarse yelling instead of growling, and the like. Not really my style… ok not my style at all, which means I’m not going to like this one very much. These tracks made up the worst of Massive Killing Capacity.

Yup, this isn’t a joke where I surprise you by saying the other two tracks are death metal – this is death and roll. All three tracks basically follow what Entombed was doing around this time. Now while Dismember didn't play death and roll during the inner years, this stuff is making it seem like that’s where Dismember is headed next. While a little fun at first, these songs get boring pretty damn quickly. The chainsaw guitar tone that I love so much has no place playing forced, jovial riffs at mid-paced laziness, and the highly harmonic leads that were used for masterpieces like “Dreaming In Red” are used here, and that’s a big fuck no. I’m not impressed by anything on here – solos, riffs, drumming, vocals – anything. The bass support on the end of the guitar distortion is supposed to do more, but what I hear doesn’t satisfy my tastes for fat lines.

Production is just pretty good as far as post-old school death metal goes. Everything is loud but standards haven’t reached that modern tone yet, so what I hear is redundant death and roll with stale production; good production, but stale (figure it out). The lyrics are decent, but Karki’s execution is horseshit much like Lars Petrov from Entombed. Remember Lars on Entombed’s Left Hand Path and how he returned on Wolverine Blues to do stupid yelling? Well Karki is doing the same with this – yelling and shouting hoarsely, which gets annoying quickly. The drumming follows right behind him at shitty, loud, mid-paced beats without skill or energy. Fred Estby played for Dismember for nearly twenty years doing some sick drumming on the full-lengths, so what the fuck is this?

Go back to the full-lengths I say. This EP is garbage and shouldn’t be considered as a part of Dismember’s discography. I knew Entombed fucked up with their entire career, but to think that Dismember had stooped low enough to follow in Entombed’s footsteps even for a little while is shameful. Thank hell they came to their senses.