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More than a solid release - 98%

slasher47, February 21st, 2012

So I found this CD at Everyday Music soon after it was released, I recognized the name because I knew that members of Funebrarum were in it, as well as early Incantation vocalist Craig Pillard. I assumed this would sound like both of those bands, which I can't deny it doesn't, but I disregarded that after about the fourth listen.

Yes, it sounds like Incantation if you think about it, but this is something new, honestly. The mixture between heavy chords and smooth riffs couldn't go together better. This would be considered a death/doom album, really there isn't much doom, just the occasional doomy part. Its almost like this band didn't even have much of a focus, only to create a death metal album no one thought they would hear in this day and age. In the first song, as well as others on the album, they go into a slow d-beat part that came out of nowhere. Surprises like this happen throughout the whole album. The riffs are also written in a completely unique way, and the structure of the songs are completely unpredictable.

The vocals on this album are amazing. Sticking to the style Piillard uses on "Onward to Golgotha" , but adding an occasional throat noise to snippets of songs, giving the vocals contrast. And just that little bit of contrast makes the album that much better.

Another thing this band pulls off is the production. Its honestly perfect, clean production. I expected something heavy for sure, but thought for sure it would be raw, but it wasn't. You wouldn't even want to hear this raw, you want to hear every last bit of talent these guys put into this album, down to the very last drum part in the last song. I was completely blown away by this album, you don't even have to worry about over playing it. The songs are put together so well, plus the production, and the tones they use on the instruments go together so good that you really couldn't be bummed when this album is thrown on, no matter how much you've heard it.

I thought this album was the best release of 2011.