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Finncantation. - 96%

theposega, September 17th, 2010

Disma is a band "playing heavy down-tuned music in the old vein (and from the heart.) Bypassing any current 'old school' trends, Disma exists for themselves and for fans of true Underground Death Metal, period." And when they say down-tuned, they mean DOWN-TUNED. All the way down to G, which is about Mortician. And the first thing that hits you once you press play is the suffocating heaviness. Disma are a band that don't know the meaning of mercy.

Like the title implies, this is like a mix of Finnish death metal morbidity (mostly Demilich and Purtenance, but some Convulse is definitely in there as well) and Incantation. Riffs fly at the listener relentlessly, a whole heap of riffs, too. Some with Demilich's alien style, some doom your head into total mush, some get crusty and throw some d-beats into the mix. Daryl Kahan (of Funebrarum/Citizens Arrest/Abazagorath fame) slings the ol' 6-string along with Bill Venner (Incantation) and the duo is just madness. The leads/harmonies are were Incantation comes into play, sounding straight off of Incantation's early demos/EPs.

Craig Pillard lends his inhuman throat to the demo and fits just perfectly. He does a mix of his bottomless abyss, Will Rahmer-esque style from his Incantation days and the growlier style from Disciples of Mockery, mostly staying in the former and using the latter to add a little splash of diversity to the vocals.

Songwriting is absolutely superb. Songs go all over the place, yet still feel coherent. Ideas that shouldn't work (doom section straight to d-beat) work flawlessly here. It could be the production, which is all analog. Giving the demo a morbid, cavernous sound. It's very similar to the Cruciamentum demo or even Cardiac Arrest; not too much distortion (for death metalon the guitars, just fuckheaps of low end and a good bit of reverb, with the drums being loud as fuck and RAW.

In essence, this sounds like a freshly unearthed corpse being savagely devoured by a flock of cannibalistic fiends; awesome. While only three songs long, this demo is pound-for-pound better than most albums. Look out for these guys. Underground, bestial, cavernous death metal just got new gods.

For fans of: Funebrarum, Incantation, Cruciamentum, Grave Miasma, the entire Finnish and Stockholm scenes, etc.