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K_a_z_u_y_a, November 7th, 2004


...And thus begins the ear-ravaging assault that is Disiplin.

Is there a better way to kick off your album than with a fast, brutal song?
Slayer did it - countless other bands have done it. Which leaves us with the question "But is everything in between the opening and ending track boring filler bullshit?" Read on!

You might be asking "What's so good about these guys?" -- They can release a black metal in 2003 that is highly reminiscent of black metal's golden days, way back in 1994.

But anyway, what does the album soundlike? Well, to start with, the album is usually mid-to fast-paced, with most of the songs starting out fairly fast paced. The production isn't muddy at all, but is fairly reminiscent to Darkthrone's later albums; though not with the polished finish of their "Sardonic Wrath".

Unfortunately, the bass is fairly inaudible, with the guitars powering over the top of it. The drumming is just kind of there; though, that's not to say it's bad, because it's not, it's just rather generic most of the time.

A few of the songs on the album seem to have a rather aggravating habit of becoming slow in the middle sections, though more often than not they always pick the speed back up.

The vocals are very Darkthrone-esque, sounding a lot Fenriz' vocals on "Transilvanian Hunger"; that is, raspy and kind of high-pitched; though not as high pitched as some of the other bands in the genre. But is that a bad thing? Definitely not.

There are some good riffs in here (For example, the songs "Ultimatum", and "The One Who Makes You Crawl"), but for the most part, it's just.. well.. black metal, if you've never gotten it before; listening to this isn't going to help any.

Strategy Formulation
The One Who Makes You Crawl