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Go Away And Rot!!! - 92%

JakeDevil, August 12th, 2004

About time Disinter releases new album! Disinter has always been different from nowadays over technical death metal bands and this album proves that catchy and aggressive music can be done in old-school way and still remain sounding new. Album starts with blasting fast catchy stuff. Songs contain blasting, thrashing death metal done in the old-school way, not forgetting melodies. Some riffs remind me a bit of the material from Monstrosity’s In Dark Purity which is not a bad thing since that’s very good album. Vocals are very strong growling the way you can understand what the singer is singing about, sometimes vocalist adds some screaming and even some ”apocalyptic talking” too. Definitely highlight on the album is track ’When I Die (Dig Me No Grave)’ , I mean lyrics ”As I walk to the valley of the shadow of death, I hold my head up and begin to laugh. Total metal raging with my fists in the air, drawn to your power dreaming throughout this darkened lair” are the coolest I’ve read and heard in a long time, that’s what metal is all about. Only thing bothering me is the lenght of the album, 32 minutes and the last track is basically the same as track 2, they only have some accoustic parts in the middle of the song, so there's actually only 7 songs. Anyway, this is way better than most of the death metal albums that come out these days.