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Overrated and boring - 0%

bitterman, September 2nd, 2013

I remember being excited to hear this as a teenager based on the fact that James Murphy's work on Cause of Death (Obituary) was excellent. Unfortunately, playing solos is all James Murphy should be relegated to doing, as I learned from listening to this dreck. Disincarnate sounds like the byproduct of all overplayed generic death metal techniques thrown into a blender that adds up to nothing more than being Roadrunner Records most generic death metal release in their history.

Nothing here is spectacular. The vocals are typical hoarse growling delivered effectively. The lyrics are actually really well written and some of the topics are fairly interesting though, of course, there is subject matter typical of the genre in there as well (Beyond the Flesh). Drums are played on point, no complaints. If they were triggered, they're not overbearing, as the bass drums aren't annoying. The performances are top notch, these guys are without a doubt great musicians. The problem is the music itself: it's tame and boring.

All the songs cycle back between riffs. The structures are so simple that everything just runs in a loop. This band is no challenge to it's audience or themselves. Just some cool riffs on occasion held together by rhythm to create a simplified, headbangable version of the death metal at the time. It amounts to nothing more than that, however, and after one song, it wears thin real quick. Tracks are interchangeable. All the technical flourishes are just that, flourishes (usually the same harmonizing positions too, for cheap "morbidity" i.e. death metal cred), and don't add anything to death metal, sounding like unnecessarily bloated versions of what could be decent Brutality riffs. The band is content with just grooving most of the time and thus negates the whole purpose of their pretension towards intellectualism with the concepts they present in their lyrics. To put it in simple terms, it's no wonder James Murphy ditched this project to join Konkhra once they decided to head straight into Machine Head territory. Even Cancer's Death Shall Rise is more rewarding as a "generic death" product, as this is more a solo showcase from James Murphy sandwiched in between standard death metal riffs and song construction heard a million times better before. Boring.