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Pure Murphy! - 100%

Kishmakay, May 16th, 2005

If the name James Murphy is in it you probably already know what to expect: pure "Old School" Death Metal. All his previous works became seminal masterpieces of the genre (Death's "Spiritual Healing" and the magnificent "Cause of Death" from Obituary, to me the supreme epitomization of Death Metal).

However this release embodies Murphy's very own vision of the genre. It is "his" band, not a side project or a participation in another big name release. This album is far heavier then Death's "Spiritual Healing" and contains much more intrincate song structure than Obituary's "Cause of Death".

The style is totally "Old School" Death Metal with thundering, bass intensive riffage. Melody is primarily built in the rhythm section, but occasionally verges into beautifully crafted guitar solos that are James Murphy's trademark. Very catchy (however brutal) passages will keep resounding in your head for days.

Spiced with extremely accurate tempo changes the music flows from lumbering, morbid doomy passages to shredding guitar attacks in the speed of light. The instrumental "Immemorial Dream" is wonderfully crafted and mixes distortion with beautifully dissonant acoustic guitars. Drumming is also very good. Accurate but without showmanship, what is the exact measure for this release. Double bass is largely explored and sometimes furious blast beats follow the course of the wild guitars.

If you are a fan of "Old School" Death Metal this is album is a must buy.

Search for the release with bonus tracks. It contains Disincarnate's first demo tape and has a redesigned booklet with notes written by many personalities including Joel Stroetzel from "Killswitch Engage" and James Murphy himself.

A classic of extreme music.