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One old, two new, nice, catchy and heavy - 94%

morbert, March 23rd, 2010

Filling the gap between their split LP with Pungent Stench and their soon-to-be full length debut, Dishamonic Orchestra released three tracks on 7 inch. And quite a collectible it has become over the years. No worries, if you just want the songs, they appeared as bonus tracks on a re-issue of the ‘Not to Be Undimensional Conscious’ album. But the fanatic collector obviously wants to have the physical vinyl.

Since the band were just signed and in the progress of making name for themselves, they had to offer us some new material, being two longer song, clocking around 4 minutes each and filled with more riffs, breaks and changes in pace than we were used to from earlier releases. The band managed to keep the songs logical and even catchy. A slight progress was notable and especially the title track became a staple live song in years to come.

Secondly the group re-recorded the old demo track ‘Unsupported by Evidence’ and the quality of this song now finally reveals itself because of the heavy yet clear production. Also it was notable the band members had gotten a lot better at their instruments within just one year.

These three very good (performance and production) versions of these songs make this release worth tracking down if you like quality death metal and/or grindcore from the old days. And also because of the typical Disharmonic artwork of course.