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Total reeking Goremassacre Perversity! - 95%

rottenpinky, January 24th, 2006

Now we are talking about true Death Metal. If you already own this album you should know this is quite different from previous releases, however i think they changed for good. The first remarkable change are the song's names, unlike CCI and Forensick, the song titles here don't have any medic references and you might think that the gore theme is out of this album, but i've read the lyrics and there is blood, gore, guts and vomit splattered over all the booklet. The production also adds a new clear sound to the album, which makes the voice a little understandable and the guitar riffs are also very clear. However you may need to hear it at least two times to differ one song from another. Antimo's voice in this album are flawless, his low-pitch screams are insane and adds a grinding atmosphere to all the songs. Also his high screams are something many death metal vocalists would like to achieve (me included). The guitar works are also a little bit more technical than other Disgorge's relases. Now i'll review each track individually:

The first song "Raise the Pestilence" starts with a very dark intro and suddenly begins the actual song with a blast beat. Personally i think this is a great song specially at the middle part when a slow riff is played. Also Antimo makes a very good use of high screams, and at the end of the song you might think Antimo is about to puke!!. Then without any time to think about this song, the album blasts with "Sodomic Baptism", a faster song than RtP, this song is a personal favorite of this album, i don't really know why. On the next song "Macabre Realms of Inhuman Bestiality", we return to a dark intro and we have another slow riff that makes this song stands from the other songs. I like a lot to watch them play this song live, Disgorge has one of the best live performances i've seen. The next song "Ravenous Funeral Carnage" is one of the songs in this album with lyrics based on the purest gore and musically i think this song is the "most death metal" of the album because it's not as grind as the others. Exactly at 3:00 this song has a very kick-ass riff. The next song is "Necrholocaust", which starts with a very, very slow riff, but slow doesn't mean it is not heavy. The lyrics of this song are great, i can't tell why, but check them out at this album section. This song makes a good tribute to its name, it's a very holocaustic songs with many tempo variations, which rules. "Goremassacre Perversity" is the name of the next song, which starts with an intro of some screams, however it is very short (unlike previous albums). This song is very but very fast, it doesn't have any slow or mid tempo on it, it's just total reeking goremassacre perversity!. The next song, "Excremential Lust" takes again very, very dirty gore to its lyrical content and once again Antimo proves his talent as a death metal vocalist on many parts of this song, like a whole riff with high screams. The last song, "Boiling Vomit through my Veins" is another one of my favorites. It's also a very grinding song, using some mid tempo riffs, like the chorus when the lyrics go "boiling through my veins" two times, and the voice is just insane when Antimo says "boiling". My favorite part of this song is at 2:30.

In few words this album is worth the listening, and i can say without fearing any mistakes, it's one of the best Deathgrind albums out there. I liked a lot this album and i can say that Disgorge is the best mexican Deathgrind band. Check out this album and join the Disgorging Legion!!!