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sick, disgusting, fun! - 70%

devoutcraziness, October 30th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2000, CD, Repulse Records

The real deal Disgorge, the singular brutalists from Mexico… churning out the most indistinguishable noise and splatter. The production value is left to nil, maybe a little pocket change and a one attempt to finish the disc. The sound is unlike anything I’ve heard before, I suppose most would lump this in with grindcore, but I think the tracks to have distinction and purpose, not just an ability to produce a noise maker. Disgorge (mex) is definitely not something you would bring to introduce somebody to death metal, this would more than likely humor them and they will go on about how its noise, and you can’t understand what they are saying, its the obligatory speech you get from anyone when you play death metal.

Disgorge (mex) have a frightening detail into gore and sickening song titles like “Crevice Flux Warts”, “Jaundice Of Hookworm” and “Jism Adipose Carbonization”, a forensic nightmare in audible format. For such an underground masterpiece it’s a bit surprising to find out George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher took a stab at some vocal duties. I think this track alone (Crevice Flux Warts) epitomizes the sound they attempt at capturing, it delivers mood and a noticeable details that entertains the ears and distracts you from the monotony.

The cover is disgusting with a dead fetus coming from a vagina. I mean these guys really pulled all stops when making this disc. It’s offensive and repulsive to look at. I think that is exactly the response they were looking for.

Overall this is a pretty unique experience, and really delivers and captures a darkened and sick mood/atmosphere. To the untrained ear, this will be the most monotonous, noisy, pots and pans kind of racket that will make you want to throw the stereo out the window. People will either love it or hate it. I think there is enough here for me to enjoy. Even if the sound does come off as rather monotonous of the same recycled riffs. It has its moments though, and it fucking a great experience. They are definitely the top contenders for the name Disgorge, forget about the guys in California. The band most deserving of the title, is the guys out in Mexico, making sick music for the masses.

Extremely (but comprehensively) underrated - 100%

CharlesGrinder, May 28th, 2014

Disgorge are regarded as one of the most brutal (or the most by many people) acts to ever perform on a stege. One of my closests friends usually tells me he hates mexican society because in order to succeed, we must exit the country; and that's what happened to Disgorge, but in reverse: An already popular musician (George Corpse fucking grinder) from another country had to come to Mexico, give the recognition they deserve (he was so impressed when they opened for Cannibal Corpse that he searched them and did some guests vocals in this album) and since then, they appear in many important underground extreme metal shows and tour all across Europe. Another enraging factis are the lack of feats in mexican death metal scene, compared to the ones in Europe or United States, and most of them are with foreign metalheads, such as Transmetal (overrated as fuck) with Glen Benton in Dante's Inferno, or Gangrena's Zombie Survival Society, which features 8 vocalists from around the world; showing the lack of support between mexican metalheads and the scene's low development. Enough with the complaing about mexican metal scene, let's go to the fucking music.

Most of the complains that come from the people are aimed to the production values in this album, something I can completely understand: It is muddy, the noise pierces the ears and similar stuff; but after listening this album several times, I have managed to get across that noise barrier, to fully enjoy the album and to come to the conclusion that it was produced the way it was meant to be. The production gives the guitars an extremely raspy feeling and the piercing effect msot of the people complain about. But no only it gives the guitar more power, but it makes the music overall sound waaaay sicker and evil. Yes, it renders the album almost unlistenable at first, but with enough training, every single note played can be deciphered and enjoyed. The bass does the same as the guitars most of the time, but it accomplishes it's goal which is to make the music sound as if an earthquake was about to bury the shit out of you. I can't speak too much about the drums, except that those snares precisely are the weakest someone can use, but somehow they are produced in some way that makes them sound as devastating as the clingy snares that most slam death bands use; about Willy's perfomance, he will mostly use blast beats, lots of them, but they are varied, well placed and complemented with other drum patterns and fills, so he never gets repetitive. Antimo's vocals are a good complement to the rest of the music, easily he has got some of the sickest vocal perfomances in a estreme band; and WITHOUT PITCHSHIFTERS. He varies from mostruous and spectral gutturals, to puking, a few high screams that instead of resembling the sometimes tormented shrieks from Chronic Corpora Infest, they sound evil and powerful.

I really would like to emphasize aome specific parts that work as the hooks for some of the songs here, like the introduction riff to Scid, the fill at 3:05 that is followed by a crunchy latino-flavored midpaced riff; the small groovy breakdown at 00:52 in Urethrive Decortico-Xanthomatose Muco Gestated Scaffolds, which is accompained by some high pitched guitar technique (I can't remember how it was called) that gives it a more insane and evil sound; the evil lead at 02:54 in Jaundice of Hookworm that is a moodsetter for the blasting mayhem that comes later; the groovy bass section at 1:32 in Haemorph Enderthen...wathever, or that high evil/tormented spectral scream thrown by Corpsegrinder in Crevise Flux Warts at 3:54. I can mention many other blilliant moments, but I think these are enough.

I have noticed that some brutal death album feature a short track showing the top brutality display a band can offer, for example, Defeated Sanity's Frenzy (They conuldn't have chosen a better title for that track) in Passages Into Deformity. In Forensick, there are 2 tracks of that style, which are Spasmobliterance and Dephts Carmesí.

There are other things that deserve some attention, like the cover, which features an aborted fetus. It is cruel, but doesn't fit into the dark atmosphere delivered by the music. The lyrics are impossible to be deciphered, but since the vocals are completely unintelligible, that doesn't matter. The song titles are a big issue: they are long and hard to remember, but not as hard as the ones from Chronic Chorpora Infest. Also, the album contains horror-movie samples in two songs: Jism Adipose Carbonization and Silks Aphinter Anal Lumen. The sames used here do serve their purpose. The one from Jism is an introduction to the sonic violence that will come across the speakers. The first sample of Silks that is like "Ok, and now, to end the spectacle, here comes..." and the last sample is like "Alright, that's all folks!".

Highlight tracks: Scid, Jaundice of Hookworm, Urethrive Decortico-Xanthomatose Muco Gestated Scaffolds, Haemorph Endartemectomized Punzed Eozinophille and Purpuric Cytoskeletal Glucid Oxidase.

Possibly the most frustrating album I own. - 60%

1234SLAYER1234, July 12th, 2013

This is the second album by Disgorge and a very frustrating follow up to their raw and interesting release "Chronic Corpora Infest". I will keep this review short, as it is virtually impossible to analyse the music within due to the truly unlistenable production. Now, I am not a fan of compressed, sterile and "polished" sounding records that some metal bands seem to churn out these days, but the production on this CD is fucking ridiculous.

The moment you put this in your speakers you are bombarded with a complete mess, the most frustrating issue is I am not sure where the issue with the production comes from. A continuous hissing noise (that actually penetrates your ear drums, similar to what happens on a plane to your ears when air pressure changes, but much worse) combined with ridiculously loud drums completely ruins this album. The vocals occasionally cut through the mix, being awesome brutal demonic growls, however they are constantly competing with the unexplained production issues here. You can forget about hearing any guitar here, it is virtually impossible to make out a single riff this guy is playing.

I attempted to listen to this album with many different EQ settings. Treble reducer seemed to help, it removed the hissing noise, but this album still sounded like it was recorded live on a mobile phone. I gave up with all the EQ settings and dealt with the noise, through the noise I could more or less hear some standout tracks, such as "Crevice Flux Warts" and "Scid". What I want to know is who mixed this album? How could any group of individuals listen to the finished product and be satisfied with the sound?

So, throughout this CD, you can just about make out certain parts of the music. There is an effective use of samples on this album on tracks like "Crevice Flux Warts", listeners are treated to an eerie build up into one of the best songs on the album. I say "best" because I can hear the most catchy rhythms and sections within the drums, and maybe the odd interesting vocal line but again its hard to work out what is going due to the production. Having heard Disgorge Mexico's first release I know that underneath the "mud" you would find frantic guitar-work and inhuman vocals, being a great combination with the drummer on this release. The drummer is very talented, and does not rely on blast beats throughout. There is a good use of interesting beats, however when this guy does blast it is pretty incredible. Whilst it is almost impossible to hear the guitars here, I know (from listening to previous releases) the listener would be aurally assaulted with frantic and technical riffs, with the band never playing one riff for too long. The guitar-work within Disgorge is mostly Carcass worship mixed (somewhat ironically, as they share the same name) with US brutal death metal bands like Disgorge. The Carcass influence here is obvious, the frantic guitar-work is often injected with subtle use of melody. There are often passages with dissonant melodic ideas (you can hear the melodic ideas cut through the production, as higher pitched sounds are picked up by the human ear more than lower pitched sounds), these sections further add to the creepy atmosphere that Disgorge creates throughout their albums. Talking of Carcass worship, it is plausible that the production of this album is further Carcass worship. If it was their intention for this album to sound ridiculously shitty in order to pay homage to "Reek of Putrefaction" then they have still failed as "Reek of Putrefaction" sounds perfect compared to this album.

This leads me on to further explain my the title of my review, from hearing "Chronic Corpora Infest" I know these guys are talented musicians and I am sure there is a goregrind masterpiece underneath the terrible production, judging by the constant tempo changes (you can hear through the drums mostly) I am sure there are some great catchy groove sections Disgorge are known to incorporate into their sound, which makes the production of this album extremely frustrating.

So sadly this album is completely crippled by having the single worst production I have ever heard within music.This has become an album I trick people into hearing for fun, for example I will tell a friend I have heard this awesome song, give them my iPod and play any track from this album and watch as their face contorts due to the agonising experience of hearing this album. Most people that I have done this too listen for about 10 seconds before they cannot take it anymore. On a final note, the album cover is disgusting. Most metal fans can deal with the odd gruesome album cover, but a stillborn foetus hanging out from its mother? Too far.

Overall, avoid this unless you have the world's strongest eardrums: buy "Chronic Corpora Infest" instead.

Standouts- "Crevice Flux Warts", "Scid".

Absolute Mud - 5%

deluge71, October 22nd, 2008

Rather than offering yet another argument against miserably underproduced grindcore, I will cut right to the chase with this one. "Forensick" is the second full length release from Mexico's Disgorge, and if nothing else can be said for them, let it be known that they have successfully redefined the term "lo-fi". This is what Carcass' "Reek of Putrefaction" would have sounded like if the producer had decided to muddy things up even more by dropping the recording mics into a vat of liquid cement. Yes, it's that bad.

Before the death threats start pouring in, let it be known that I tried to enjoy this album. Having paid for it out of my own pocket, I did everything imaginable to make it even slightly more listenable. After countless EQ adjustments, and listening on three (count 'em) different stereo systems (both with headphones, and without), I have reached the inevitable point of surrender. What makes listening to "Forensick" even more frustrating is that I can't identify specifically where the sound problem resides. At times, the drums (courtesy of a guy named Guillermo) seem to clutter the mix, making the riffs (of guitarist Edgar) utterly indistinguishable. When it isn't the drums, the vocals seem to be the culprit. Bassist Antimo is given credit in this area, although at times, it sounds like there is a second singer who allows Disgorge to employ the standard "high and low" vocal trade-offs. Regardless of the cause, the guitars remain buried. Occasionally, I'll swear that I hear something resembling a chord progression or discernable note sequence, but these revelatory flashes are few and far between. I wish I could provide some commentary on Disgorge's technical merit, but this recording leaves me very little to work with.

Furthermore, the packaging and layout for this disc are grotesque to the point of overkill. Everyone can appreciate the occasional autopsy or crime scene photo, but who among us is just dying to see photos of a stillborn infant with its upper half hanging precariously from the mother's womb? I guess I have reached that crucial age where such imagery seems more juvenile than "sick" or "evil". And as long as I'm on a roll here, let's examine some song titles, shall we? Disgorge have forsaken both cleverness and medical accuracy in favor of self-ridicule, and one doesn't have to look far for evidence. "Jism Adipose Carbonization" is my personal favorite, as it strings together the slang term for semen, the medical term for body fat, and a reference to something being reduced to its core element as a result of being burned. But if you're not scratching your head yet, check out this one: "Urethrive Decortico-Xanthomatose Muco Gestated Scaffolds". Here we start out with a non-existent adjective which seems to be describing one's urinary tract. Then we move on to a prefix which indicates the removal of one's cerebral cortex (or possibly the outer surface of some other internal organ), which is inextricably linked to another non-existent term which could refer to a yellow-colored sugar. It would have been wise to stop here, but for good measure, Disgorge have added on a few words which mean (respectively) "mucous", "carried from conception to delivery", and something about an elevated platform. Or maybe it's a hangman's plank. Whatever it is, I don't get it.

English may not be their first language, but this hardly justifies such incomprehensible gibberish. Carcass may have had similarly long song titles, but this was excusable because: a) the titles contained actual terms from archaic medical dictionaries, b) they didn't attempt to merge several unrelated organ systems in a single song, and c) most of the time, they were quite humorous! This review may suggest otherwise, but I really don't enjoy poking cruel fun at bands, regardless of genre. However, there are occasionally circumstances which make such treatment a cold necessity. Until some kind producer, in an act of pity, gives this disc a major overhaul, I will be left to question the sanity of those who are actually hyping it.

Disgorge Introduces An Entire New Level Of Brutal - 98%

benpetrofsky, January 31st, 2008

Death Metal has always offered us the most brutal and angry music around from the Technical Bands like Decapitated, and Cryptopsy, to the Gore Bands like Cannibal Corpse, to the Brutal, Slam, Progressive, etc. It just seems to the typical music listener that music can never get heavier and more angry than that. But, it does. It gets A HELL of a lot more brutal. And this is most evident in Disgorge's "Forensick." Combining the extremely complex, and crushing guitar work, to the brain smashing drums, the glass shattering bass, and to the inhuman gutteral vocals, this album gives the average metal listener the desire to puke from the brutallness...and we like it!

Disgorge combines the ideas of murder and death with surgical terms to give the lyrics a horrific appearence because you have no idea what they are talking about, but you KNOW there is something bad.

My favorite song on this album? Crevice Flux Warts. The opening to this song is one of the most intense pieces of work I have listened to with the symphonic, operatic music. The sound is so evil, that you can even call the classical portion. Then comes the kill at about a minute and a half in. Disgorge pumps the distortion, drums and vocals up your ass with extreme brutallity. The complex, spine tingling guitar work is my personal favorite part of this album. Just listen, and you may understand.

A surgeon's wet dream... - 70%

CallerOfTheCthulhu, October 23rd, 2005

After all the major reviews were said and read, one thing was obvious: That this CD was one that needed to be check out at the next moment's notice. Disgorge's second full length release, Forensick had finally gotten a release stateside. Yet another brutal death metal grindcore band had made it's way to America, this time from Mexico. But what did this CD truly have that made so many people orgasm over their stereo equipment?

Well, let's see, the album starts off with amazing drums and guitar riffs, much better then most brutal death metal outfits out there. Perfectly blending grindcore elements with death metal, the band's music didn't leave much to be desired. Sure the traditional death metal drum blasts are in there, but that's about the only thing traditional about this records music.

But the best thing about the album that makes anyone who actually reads the lyrics either love or hate the group is the understanding of medical terms to portray and even more brutal effect. You have to be genius to use and come up with some of these terms that are found all throughout this song cause every track basically has something taken from a medical text book every other word, if not every word. However, you need to be real smart in order to understand some of the words, such as "Stigmatedermuropyanephrosism", which is only one word from one of the live bonus tracks on the North American release of Forensick, making this CD a surgeon's wet dream come true.

Soon the vocals kick in and here's the hint of tradition. Hell, it's even more then a hint, it's what brutal death is made of! The deep gutterl vocals that no one can understand or decipher start tearing through the speakers. While, yes, these are great, they don't really do anything else until later on in Forensick when the vocals change pace a bit and have a back-of-the-throat shrill to them, but even they don't get used much through the CD which will leave you disappointed. If the vocal levels were only brought up just a bit more, this would be no problem because they are completely drowned out by the music, and sometimes you can't even hear them. This isn't a Joe Satriani instrumental CD here folks, let's have the vocals in the mix!

But all in all the album isn't the most impressive release from the start. There are some things here and there that make you think it'll be one hell of a release, but the best part is that there are no one or two minute long horror movie murder scene transitions on this release! Oh, wait...spoke too soon..."Silks Sphincter Anal Lumen" starts off with a creepy as all hell chunk from a horror movie, then right into the metal which lasts about two minutes, and then another chunk of a horror movie to close the song and album with. The selections for that song weren't bad, infact perhaps the correct choice, so we won't count that against them.

The five bonus tracks that make up the North American release as something "special" are threewell recorded live tracks, and two bonus tracks off their 7" split with the band Squash Bowels. The release never made it stateside, so for the fans of the Mexican band Disgorge, they can now hear this split without spending large amounts of cash to obtain it. And the best part about these tracks is that they support the above theory about the vocal levels needing to be higher, and are possibly the best tracks on the entire North American release of Disgorge. The live songs are crystal clear and will leave you trying to track down the lyrics on-line somewhere.

So, alright, we covered every aspect of this CD, but there is one more thing that needs to be covered with extreme disgust. The original artwork was banned from public display, which means upon opening it you get the artwork as shown above. If you get repulsed easily, don't open the artwork, for inside...well...let's leave that to you to find out, but let's just say many mothers and pro-choice advocates would murder their own songs if they showed them the picture. But the odd thing is, the black censored artwork that was done at the spur of the moment actually works with it, so either artwork could really be displayed. But that's not what causes this rant...well, it somewhat does actually. Due to the fact that the artwork had to be censored and hidden, the lyrics to the songs are not included, meaning now you really have no idea what the hell is being said! How can you appreciate such a medical dictionary of a goregrind band without these? But a simple stop at any remote search enginge on-line would instantly solve that problem, but it is still reflecting the matter of taking the time away from appreciating Disgorge to find out that this band actually extends it to a whole other level lyrically.

All in all the CD is pretty traditional, but the music and lyrics make up for it. Any bands of the goregrind and/or brutal death metal scene will definately love this release all too much. Looks like all those reviews we're right. Now run out and pick this release up and be glad to blow your money on this classick!

Unsurpassed - 98%

MutatisMutandis, September 5th, 2005

The last time I reviewed a CD by this band was with their classic debut, Chronic Corpora Infest. To say I was impressed is an understatement, because I was completely annihilated. As in, my grey matter spewed from my nostrils and I went into convulsions. Ignoring the slight 'Carcass' flavor throughout the tracks, I probably spun this about 35 times the first month. Naturally, I was very excited when their second helping was unleashed upon the unsuspecting world, and didn't mind paying the ridiculous shippibg cost, even. So... onto the review. This is a huge step up from their debut, in both song structures and intensity. I could even go as far as to say, this is probably the most extreme album ever created. The overall sound is what you'd expect from a screaming battlefield. The drums have plenty of great fills, enough technicality to keep it interesting, and some incredible fills. The guitars act similarly, cracking your skull at high volumes with some occasional well-played solos. Antimo also increases the depth of his vocals here, and sounds like a giant gurgling monster, spewing blood from every orifice. Finally, to top it off, the production is so raw, it may as well be live. The only real difference is that the instruments can be heard without a soupy feel. The only reason this loses any points is because there are a few moments where it just overwhelms you and you drift away. Otherwise, if your an established goregrind/Disgorge fan, get this right away. Just ignore the cover art if you're feeling sensitive.