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MorbidPuppy, October 29th, 2012

This album is the very definition of brutal death metal as far as I am concerned. This is the album that every new band tries to copy these days and fails, for it has spawned more clones than any death metal album since Suffocation's Liege of Inveracity. This being said, it is one of the most brutal releases to come out in the death metal genre.

Disgorge has become a staple in brutal death metal and I credit that to this album. Consume the Forsaken is an incredibly brutal, fast, technical, and aggressive compilation. Lets start with the guitars. The general formula for this album is power chord riff after power chord riff with occasional sixteenth notes, pinch harmonics, and slam riffs. I may sound like I am bashing on the album, but I am not. The power chord riffs in this album are not like those on a deathcore album as these are some of the fastest and most technical patterns you can create. Songs like Consume the Forsaken, Dissecting Thee Apostles, and Consecrating the Reviled really show off Diego Sanchez's talent of playing the guitar. If you play guitar, I challenge you to go find the tabs to any song off of this record and try playing it. You will gain a new found respect for it. The guitar is very heavily distorted and to a new listener it will sound like mumbled noise, but that it is not. The riffs are constantly changing and rarely do repeats occur. This constant barrage of fast and aggressive playing makes listening to Consume the Forsaken a very intense and brutal experience.

The vocals of A.J. Magana definitely compliment the music greatly. Although I prefer Matti Ways' growls over his (or almost anyone for that matter), A.J. can still do some sick gutturals. The vocal patterns are also pretty damn awesome on this album, especially in the title track, Consume the Forsaken.

The drums are your typical death metal drums and do their job. Nothing incredibly innovative here, but it fits the music. They are slightly lower in the mix than I would like, but it's no big deal.

The bass is generally audible at most times and sounds amazing. It takes one hell of a bassist to be able to play this well and Ben Marlin ( R.I.P ) fits that role perfectly.

The overall production on this album is higher than She Lay Gutted, but that of course is not saying much. This is not bad. In fact, I prefer it this way. A grimier production like this album has fits the music perfectly.

In conclusion, Disgorge's Consume the Forsaken is a top notch release. Any brutal death metal fan should already have this in their collection. This album's brutality, speed, and technicality, as far as I'm concerned, has still not yet been beaten. The only reason I give this album a 95% instead of a 100% is because I believe no album is perfect, but this sure as hell comes close, though.