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Consume the Forsaken - 90%

GruesomeSean, March 17th, 2006

This is slow becoming my favorite Disgorge (US) release. I've always been one to swear by the Matti Way'era material because I believe him to be one of the sickest vocalists in the history of death metal. However, the quality of the music on this disc is quite undeniable.

First off, the riffing seems to have more thought put into it compared to She Lay Gutted and Cranial Impalement. It's not just non-stop chugging. Mind you, there still is quite a bit of it. This stuff is more varied.

The production is another big step up compared to previous material. The guitars are quite clear, but they keep enough heaviness as to not take away from the overall brutality. The drums cut through quite well and dont overpower the guitars. The triggered kicks do have a little too much of a click to them, but that is something I expect from most bands in this genre.

Vocally, I dont really have much to complain about. A.J. is a very brutal vocalist and does the songs justice with his brand of lows and the odd gurgle. Not quite in Matti Way's league, but he rips well nontheless.

All in all, this album really showed Disgorge's maturity song writing-wise. It's a wonderfully brutal album with some good riffs that stick in your head. If Matti Way was singing on it, it'd be one of my favorite death metal albums of the last few years for sure.