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Well...It's great gym music! - 87%

BeteNoir, October 5th, 2008

Disgorge are a highly refreshing change of pace with the evolution of death metal seeming to gravitate toward obnoxiously flashy, pretentious, stale, and tame death metal like Necrophagist, Brain Drill, or Beneath the Massacre. On the death metal scale, Disgorge is the polar opposite of those types. This is fast, this is angry, this is emotional and raw. Disgorge is pure hate and rage, there is no room for pretentiousness and they are not out simply to prove how good they are at their instruments.

The greatest death metal is technical without being pretentious and brutal without being monotonous. Unfortunately, Disgorge's Consume the Forsaken definitely succumbs somewhat to monotony. I guess I'll start with the faults first, this is definitely lacks some depth, you won't find anything hidden about it the second or third time through. This is definitely a little predictable as well, lots of palm muted diad chugging. There's also some rather odd long chromatic runs that made Suffocation's first few albums great and seem to be lacking in modern death metal. Disgorge definitely aren't breaking any barriers here, but there are some catchy as hell, brutal as shit, fast Diego Sanchez riffs. Consume the Forsaken delivers on the necksnapping intensity that's been so lost in modern death metal, and they excel at this. This isn't something you can sit down with a glass of red wine and appreciate the intricacies of. I'd describe it as a deeply primal, testosterone drenched adrenaline thrill ride.

The production is absolutely perfect for the music, I wish they would have stuck with it and kept the same vocalist for their next album. The guitars sound very full and gritty, the treble and high mid frequencies are nicely emphasized with just enough bass to give it some force and fullness. The drums aren't perfectly EQed, and the bass drum is perhaps a bit too clicky, but it's not a huge detractor. The vocals are a huge strong point, I'd contest they're unrivaled the best brutal death metal vocals of all time. Maybe some of you remember the vocals on Behemoth's Demigod, how they were multilayered and you could hear a deep commanding low roar but a vicious piercing high scream accompanied it. AJ sounds like that even without multilayering, actually he sounds like that only coming from a 20 foot 2 ton superhuman giant with a severe case of rabies who's dismembering an elephant. If we can judge death metal vocalists by how angry they sound, this guy pretty much takes the cake. The vocals aren't clearly annunciated at all, just rage filled incoherent screams. However, AJ succumbs to James Lee Syndrome and tends to pack an entire novel into each 3 minute song. This isn't a terrible thing, as he's really good, but the vocals are very loud in the mix as well and it's a bit difficult to take everything else in, especially with the somewhat unclear production. The music itself is definitely technical, though in a much different sense than most people associate with the word, just extremely fast and with some odd time changes and a little strange chromatic run here and there. There's no neck pickup arpeggio wankery here, in fact the album is devoid of solos.

This is definitely something to be appreciated while lifting weights/running/exercising, it's brutal as hell and it'll pump you up. This is a quick fix hormonal injection, yet has surprisingly a lot of staying power unlike other albums in it's purpose and nature (...And Time Begins by Decrepit Birth), Disgorge don't tend to repeat themselves very often and there's just a whole bunch of riffs packed into each song. There's no subtlety here, nothing really different or interesting beyond the vocals. What it lacks in depth and novelty, it makes up for in pure adrenaline. If you're looking for something a little more musically sophisticated, definitely check out their 2005 effort, Parallels of Infinite Torture.