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Carcass worship done right - 95%

MutatisMutandis, June 27th, 2005

When I first read that this band was; stripped down; a Carcass worship band, I immeadiately thought of Exhumed and all of the other crappy clones that have gained waaaayyyy too much popularity over the years. And this band is Carcass worship. But, in a mind blowingly awesome way. Sure, the patented switches between fast and slow riffs are there, but these guys play their own music. The riffs are brutal (and fortunately not stolen), the production is raw (but not anywhere near unenjoyable), and the vocals are like vomiting sewage. This guy's growls aren't as low as on their newer attempts, but still kick record amounts of ass. And then there's the screeches. I swear, he growls like a dying animal. These screeches are unlike anything I've ever heard, and every fan of the genre should hear them too. Aside the music, just look at the artwork. It looks like a hobo got sodomized and dissected( of course, it's not nearly as disgusting as 'Forensick"). Look at the song titles: Every one of them has a indecipherable pathologic theme. I guess they're disgusting, but, I have no idea what the majority of them mean anyway...
Not that you can understand what he's saying, but...
Pick up this godly album as soon as physically possible. It's worth it.