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A Mixed (Body)bag... - 80%

Jjaaze, March 1st, 2011

First of all, let it be known my hatred for stringing random gory words and terms together from various scatological, reproductive and organ-related word-groups. This album, being the only one to have only a third of the overall theme totally tryhard, is the most bearable of the band's discography, for me anyway. There are also too many bands with this generic and uninventive name, but I guess it has to be better than "Disgorged Vaginal Pus and Cum" at any rate.

Language aside (as it rarely affects the music itself), it is surprising how solid this album is. Maybe a tad too long, with most of the songs exceeding four minutes or so, but it has a distinct level of groove mixed in with the grind. I am reminded of a less melodic Pathologist more than once throughout.

The percussion is muddy and the guitars/bass bleed into each other, but they're all discernable. The song writing isn't that bad either, typical Carcass-influenced deathgrind with splattery throat growls and low, growly talking. There's an unusual inclusion of electronic vocal distortion on "Rancid Bowel Sarcoma", it doesn't ruin the mood as much as you'd think. A few samples litter the spare time in-between tracks, but none are annoyingly over length.

I was surprised when I listened to this album - expecting short, "brutal", rancid pornogrind-goregrind, well... I instead got a murky Carcass worship record with lots of (but maybe slightly repetitive) good riffs. Maybe the pre-'00s were good for the goregrind scene as a whole. I even came out of the listening session with a favourite song - "Viscose Oseal Fibroma". Definitely one of the must-have Clone albums, but I wouldn't check out the rest of the bands discography, personally. This is more than enough for little old me.

I'm sure it's a cult classic amongst Disgorge's fanbase.