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Rushed and Rough War Metal - 70%

brocashelm, February 9th, 2009

Just downloaded this, mostly based on the awesome sleeve, and I have to say I'm torn about it. I was expecting sick thrashing war metal, and to an extent that's what we get here. But the band's sound lacks the low, bassy rumble essential to that style, and the band's arrangements are also a bit jumpy and busy, incorporating riff after riff and tempo after tempo. Too often their good playing skills dont congeal into killer riffs or tempos. But that's not to say that there's not potential here, becuase their black hearts are certainly in the right place. But after hearing some other good new releases in this style (Grave Desecrator, Proclamation) I'd be lying if I'd say I'm not a touch let down by this. I do believe these guys will prosper eventually, as they clearly have boatloads of enthusiasm and plenty of material already released. I feel they just need to focus on laying down the law a bit more, and they'll do fine.